WOLF Savoy

WOLF Savoy


WOLF’s Savoy collection truly brings to mind the depths — the rich tones of this collection are meant for anyone who can appreciate them. This collection features magnificent textures and wood tones of black or burl wood. The exterior wood is hand-polished ten times to achieve the ultimate shine and gloss. The locking glass case is perfect for showing off your luxury collection and placing your watch in a case will protect it.


Not to mention, the winders of the Savoy collection features gold-finished hardware which acts as an excellent accent to the deep tones of the winder. In short, WOLF’s Savoy collection is made up of pieces that are built to be admired.


However, that doesn’t mean the pieces of the Savoy collection are only for show — the pack a lot of hardware and are feature-rich enough to ensure that you don’t go wanting for more. One of the best features of every WOLF piece is the accurate and precise rotations, where every other brand estimates the number of rotations, WOLF is sure of the number.


Savoy winders offer clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional settings. This means that nearly each and every watch will get the care that it needs regardless of the brand. Speaking of which, if your watch needs specialized maintenance, then WOLF watch brands are your best bet.


The settings can be tweaked to your preferences. Savoy collection pieces can be customized when it comes to the Turns-Per-Day or TPD. You can set the TPD from 330 to 1300 and double the number of turns simply by selecting bi-directional turns. Whether you want to utilize an AC power adapter, an alkaline, or lithium battery.


Do remember that a lithium battery can last a lot longer than an alkaline battery would — nearly twice as long! The Savoy collection features single, double, and triple winders, alongside up to 10 piece watch boxes.


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    Damaged from shipping

    Safe appears to be very well built, think the bolts could be a little more solid. Safe arrived with a dent in it and a corner of the safe had a small crack in the metal which I am concerned about. Considering it is a fire rated safe also makes me question the durability of the safe knowing the metal became compromised from what appears to be minimal shipping damage.

    Vaultek RS500i

    The price was great and the safe arrived in great shape along with accessories that were purchased. Quick turnaround on the order. Definitely will be doing business again with Armadillo.

    Bet good product

    You Get What you Pay for, So Very True

    This safe is spectacular....... After a long search and a great deal of research, I can't be happier with my decision. Your not going to be able to cut this monster is half with a circular saw, I actually watched a utube video of someone performing that on the first safe I purchased from Wal-Mart which I quickly return the same day it arrived ($149.00). The Continental is a beast. To say I would recommend this for any home owner is an understatement. I Thank you. Enjoy the Day.....

    Beautiful product and excellent service!

    Gorgeous watch box, built beautifully with amazing attention to detail and finishing. And a special shoutout to the support team for answering my questions and keeping me appraised on the details of the back order. Five star service!!