We offer FREE shipping to all lower 48 states for items under 150 pounds when the order is over $100. If your order total is under $100 there will be a $15.00 shipping fee.



 As long as you do not reside in a remote Access location, we offer FREE curbside delivery to all lower 48 states for safes over 150 pounds.

 For remote Access locations please email us at customerservice@armadillosafes.com so we can provide you with a remote access location quote.

  This service level is a delivery to a commercial or residential performed with a Semi Truck or 40-498 foot trailer. The shipping company will call to schedule a delivery appointment and will need a signature in order to deliver your safe.

 If you have made an appointment and no one is there at that time and date, the shipping company will not be able to deliver your purchase and you will be charged a redelivery fee before attempting a second delivery.

 A lift gate is a hydraulic lift on the back of a truck that lowers freight from the truck to the curb or street. How this works is, the shipper will lower your palletized safe to the tail end of the trailer and lower it to the curbside on the end of your driveway, or the road. You need to be prepared for the possibility that because of the way of the road is made up, if there is a gutter and the Pallet Jack cannot get up that, then the driver will not be able to leave this on your property. Depending on the design of your residence, if the driver is able to get to a cul de sac, they can lower the safe to your driveway, if your house has a different structure like a gutter, this would make it more difficult and your order will be placed on the ground.

 Either way you have to be prepared to take care of this move and make sure you have a crew of people to assist you (beer and pizza are the commonly used currency for your helpers).  You will need to use a Dolly if your safe is under 600 pounds or a specialized Dolly or pallet Jack in case it is heavier. This is due to the fact that a regular Dolly will bend under the big safes weight, and if it has air tires, they will pop under the pressure. Regular Dollies can be purchased at Walmart or Sams Club and the other more specialized items can usually be rented locally. For the next step, there are many videos on Youtube on how to remove your safe from the pallet.

 Placement of item on driveway, sidewalk or in the home and package removal is not provided  or guaranteed within this level of service. Because of insurance and liability Truck Drivers are not allowed or obliged to move the safe onto your driveway, though most of them will try to do so if the circumstances facilitate this.

 If you go with FREE curbside delivery, this is where your service will end.


What is Inside Delivery?

 Brands that offer Inside (Threshold or Garage Delivery) Delivery are Hollon and Phoenix.

 Please fill out a form to find out if the Brand of your preference will apply for this service level. The following brands DO NOT offer this level of deliver: Winchester, AMSEC, Rhino Kodiak, and Sports Afield.

 Inside delivery is a delivery option that directly delivers the shipment to your doorstep. In this level of service, your order will be delivered to the threshold of the door, be it the front door or garage door as long as it is on a first floor. If you have entry steps to get to the first door you need to notify us so that we can provide that information to the shipping Company in charge of delivering your safe.

 Please keep in mind that this level of service does not include the team placing the item exactly where you want it, the item will be left at the threshold. Also, please keep in mind that this does not include pallet, garbage, packaging or debris removal. You will need to take care of this on y our end.


What is White Glove Delivery?

 The White Glove Experience is the highest service level available. Please note that at this moment, we only offer this service level for the brands Hollon and Phoenix.

 If you did pay for installation, this is where the team will start giving you the royal treatment.

 We highly recommend anchoring or bolting the safe into the place when the option is available. If this is something you would like, you need to let us know and add this to the White Glove Delivery Form so that your quote can include this level of service.

 Ensuring you have an incredible delivery experience is what this service level is all about. This service includes uncrating, unpacking, and placing the product in the desired location in the building or home.  Throughout the process the expertly trained delivery crew will protect your home and merchandise from damage. If needed the Company will provide a COI of certificate of insurance that states the team is covered and insured.

 Upon completing the installation the team will clean up after the installation removing the pallet, packaging and remaining debris.

 The costs for having your safe delivered from the store to your home typically depends on these factors: Where you live, whether or not bolting down is required, how much the safe weighs and where the safe will be placed in your home.

 Typical cost tiers associated with weight are arranged in four levels:

Tier One: 100-699 LBS
Tier Two: 700-899 LBS
Tier Three: 900-1199 LBS
Tier Four: 1200 LBS and over

 And cost tiers associated with placement are classified in three levels: Garage Delivery, Main Floor Delivery, Stair Delivery.

 Since this service level requires greater backend technology and information, in order to get a White Glove Delivery quote you need to fill out the following  questionnaire and we will get back to you in about 2-3 business days.

 Please keep in mind that if you wish to have your safe Bolted down or anchored to the ground you must add this information to your request.

 You will be contacted by the installers to arrange a delivery date and time that best fits your Schedule.

  It is assumed the location is accessible by tractor trailer semi and that the path to the final location is unobstructed and is composed of a relatively flat surface (for example, no grass).

 Please check the “MUSTS” at the begging of this page to make notify us if your delivery has any special needs that might make this service level unavailable or imply an extra charge.