Safe and Vault

A metal filing cabinet can keep your files and documents organized. But, if a fire breaks out, all your important documents will burn along with the cabinet. If you want protection for your files and other valuable items, get a 4 drawer fireproof file cabinet. Here are some of the things that you should know before getting yourself a fireproof cabinet.
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A file cabinet safe can keep your high-value items protected from burglars. But, there are instances that even you will be barred from accessing these files. Yes, it’s possible to get locked out of your file cabinet. Here are a few simple tips on how you can properly troubleshoot your file cabinet. Let’s dive in!
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When you are looking for a fireproof locking file cabinet, checking the brand is not a bad idea. Most of you would say that the quality of a product depends on how you use it. But, it’s not the same when it comes to a fireproof metal cabinet. Read for more.
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Keeping your valuable items safe and protected is easier said than done. Even if your cabinets and drawers have keys in them, burglars can still access them with ease. In case of fire, you can expect your documents and other important items will burn immediately. Let's dive in!
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It’s always unpleasant when you want to get something from your safe only to find out that the battery is dead. The batteries of a typical electronic safe can last up to two years or around 8,000 openings. But, most office safes won’t operate for that long. The batteries may dry up faster than you can imagine. Read for more.
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It’s very important to always keep your documents safe. You usually buy filing cabinets to make sure that your important documents won’t be damaged or stolen by anyone.However, a normal filing cabinet won’t protect your documents from fire. If you are keeping important files and documents, you need fire safe cabinets to keep them safe. Read for more!

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    Wrong serial number and banged the hell up

    Sturdy built

    It is very nice quality and has held up great so far. It is extremely rugged and definitely built for extremes. The only knock I have is if you have a full size gun or larger gun it can get tight to close. But I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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    The lifepod 2.0 is a great product shipping was very fast


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