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Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors, who are experts in the field of meticulously engineered top quality products. One of these brands is VAULTEK.

From day one, VAULTEK´s goal has been unwavering: to design and build the highest quality product providing true value to their customers and making a real contribution to the community.

They read thousands of product reviews and comments from real users and tested more than a dozen engineering and industrial designs before they settled on the one that best accommodated the quality, performance, styling, and cost to represent their mission.

Because of these huge efforts, VAULTEK is proud to present their first product line that not only offers the best performance and design, but is also built to the highest standard. They developed these safes as quick access safes focusing on technology and smart protection. Fire protection is not implemented.  

VAULTEK is about innovation, safety, security and service. Their safes have a wide range of powerful anti-theft features for the ultimate break-in prevention.  There is also a strict device verification process in place so only you and your phone have access to safe settings. Additionally, you cannot open the safe with WiFi. With WiFi connectivity, you can view the safe activity and receive live alerts like tampering, settings changed, opened/closed, and more that vary per model

They build high quality products but also want to offer their customers with products that are innovative, stylish, and packed with innovative technologies. Each product is built with a mission: make people’s life better and contribute to the community. All safes have been built so that their users can safely and securely store their firearms and access them quickly when needed. All the while preventing children from accessing them by accident.

You have many important valuable things: jewelry, watches, documents, medicine, firearms, etc. You want to keep them secure yet quickly accessible when at home or traveling. All VAULTEK safes are TSA compliant allowing you to not only fly with them but also transport firearms. If transporting a firearm, be sure the safe is checked or included with checked luggage. You must notify your airline agent at check in.  If no firearms are present you can take the safe with you through security and pass through x-ray, but be prepared to open the safe as requested from government officials.

At Armadillo Safes we personally research and review each model we offer so you only choose from the best products available. Our team is highly trained in safe options and more than willing to help, providing you with assistance to make a selection that tailors to your specific needs.


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