Vaultek Slider Series


VAULTEK is one of the industry leaders in high-tech and exceptionally secure safes for handguns and rifle owners. Not only has VAULTEK proven itself as a top competitor in the industry, but it has also built a solid reputation for providing its customers with only top-tier products. If you’re looking for a company that prioritizes innovation functionality, and safety, then look no further. VAULTEK does that – and more. 


One of the most important features of the VAULTEK Slider series is the unique precision rail system that provides safe owners with smooth sliding operation whenever they want access to the contents of their safe. In short, owners of VAULTEK’s Slider Series can rely on the silence of this series. However, the main feature of the Slider series is just one of the many top-notch features that safe owners love — but they don’t stop there. In fact, some of the top features of the VAULTEK Slider Series includes:


  • Biometric Scanner - The best security is personalized. Fitted with VAULTEK’s high-quality biometric scanners with a larger surface for more precise readings, the Slider series isn’t lacking in the security department. Store up to 20 different fingerprints and get accurate readings – every single time.


  • Smart Key Nano - Remote access to your safe and the ability to serve as a portable silent alarm feature, all packed into one discreet button, the smart key nano gives safe owners peace of mind, even when they’re away from their safes.


  • Increased Storage Options - The Slider series boasts multiple products in its collection, including pieces with enhanced storage capabilities. The Slider series is able to accommodate and safely store pistols and handguns that are up to 8.875 in height.


  • Optimized for Your Vehicle - With a three-point slide system and two mounting kits, the upper echelon of the Slider series was designed to fit securely in a vehicle. Not to mention, the smooth sliding action makes it easy to access your pistol when necessary.


  • App Support- Some of the products in the Slider series support app connection. The app allows users to monitor and control certain features of their safe. The WiFi-supported safes allow for real-time updates and alerts regarding the safe. It’s a win-win.


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The VAULTEK SE20 Compact Rugged Slider Safe does not come with app support, but as the essential product in the line, it features everything that makes the Slider Series secure and funcional. If you are looking for a WiFi-enabled safe, the VAULTEK NSL20i Slider WiFi Biometric Full-Size Rugged Safe and the VAULTEK NSL20 Slider WiFi Full-Size Rugged Safe are exactly what you are looking for!


Whether you’re a seasoned handgun owner or are just learning the ropes, it’s imperative that you have products that you can depend on to keep your weapons safe. Not only will this afford you peace of mind, but it also ensures that your handguns are secure, even when they are in storage. Shop our VAULTEK Slider collection today!