Vaultek VT Series

Vaultek VT Series Gun Safes

VAULTEK is a company that prides itself on its innovative spirit and always seeking a better answer. This enduring mission and ingenuity are easy to see in all VAULTEK products. However, it’s not just a brand mission that makes VAULTEK one of the industry leaders in safes.

They have supported their commitment to fulfilling their mission by consistently putting out products that offer more than the one before it. Whether it’s increased storage or enhanced security, VAULTEK products are ever-evolving to fit the needs of their customer base. In short, VAULTEK safes are designed with you in mind. 

The VAULTEK VT series is a perfect start to safe ownership for any handgun owner. The safes in this collection focus on security and get the job done — and done well. VAULTEK’s VT series offers handgun owners five different access points to allow owners of the safe even more control than ever before. Check out these best sellers from the VT series.



Get in via a biometric scanner that flawlessly stores and detects up to 20 fingerprints, the illuminated keypad for night access, use one of the two keys, use your phone, or gain remote access via VAULTEK’s smart key.

The incredible features don’t stop there. Using the VAULTEK app, users can control multiple safes at once with the touch of a button. The VT series also boasts an impact sensor that will sound an alarm if impact is detected, this will help you ensure that your safe is always securely stored.

High-density padding built into the interior of the safe guarantees that the hard work that you put into conditioning your handguns doesn’t go to waste. The padding doesn’t react to oils or lubricants, so your pieces will always remain in top condition. The VT series’ lithium-ion battery can hold a charge for up to three months under normal use and charges in just two and a half hours. It’s perfect for those that prefer low-maintenance products.