Vaultek VT Series

The VAULTEK VT series stands as an exemplary initiation into the world of safe ownership for handgun enthusiasts. Safes within this collection prioritize security and deliver with exceptional competence. The VT series by VAULTEK equips handgun owners with a quintet of access points, empowering them with unprecedented control. Choose from a biometric scanner adeptly storing and recognizing up to 20 fingerprints, an illuminated keypad for nocturnal access, two reliable keys, smartphone utilization, or even remote access through VAULTEK's smart key.


Yet, the array of remarkable features continues to unfold. Leveraging the VAULTEK app, users gain the capability to seamlessly manage multiple safes with a single touch. The VT series further boasts an impact sensor that promptly triggers an alarm upon detecting any impact, reinforcing the assurance that your safe remains securely shielded at all times.


Within the safe's interior, high-density padding stands as a testament to safeguarding your diligently maintained handguns. This padding remains impervious to oils and lubricants, assuring that your prized pieces endure in impeccable condition. The VT series' lithium-ion battery preserves its charge for up to three months under standard usage and recharges in a mere two and a half hours. This is an ideal fit for those who cherish low-maintenance products.


In summary, VAULTEK's distinctiveness emanates from a commitment to continuous innovation and an unrelenting focus on user satisfaction. The VT series exemplifies this ethos, presenting handgun owners with a gateway to security that seamlessly blends technological advancement with intuitive functionality.



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