Vaultek Slider Series

VAULTEK stands tall as a vanguard in the realm of cutting-edge, exceptionally secure safes tailored for both handgun and rifle owners. More than just a competitor, VAULTEK has cemented its position as a prominent industry player, renowned for delivering nothing short of top-tier products to its clientele. Suppose your quest leads you to a company that champions innovation, functionality, and safety. In that case, your search ends with VAULTEK – and that's only the beginning of what they offer.


A hallmark feature of the VAULTEK Slider series is its distinctive precision rail system, granting safe owners seamless sliding operation whenever they seek access to their safe's contents. The Slider Series boasts whisper-quiet functionality, a testament to VAULTEK's dedication. Yet, this series' flagship attribute is merely the tip of the iceberg in a constellation of exceptional features, each cherished by safe owners:


  • Biometric Scanner: Security finds its pinnacle in personalization. Outfitted with VAULTEK's premium biometric scanners featuring an expanded surface for pinpoint accuracy, the Slider series leaves no room for compromise in the security department. Store up to 20 distinct fingerprints and relish consistently accurate readings.


  • Smart Key Nano: A discrete button that harbors multifaceted prowess – remote access to your safe and the versatility to serve as a portable silent alarm. The intelligent key nano imparts solace to safe owners, even in their absence.


  • Enhanced Storage Options: The Slider series proudly houses an array of products, some of which boast amplified storage capacities. It accommodates and safeguards pistols and handguns up to 8.875 inches.


  • Vehicle Optimization: With a three-point slide mechanism and dual mounting kits, the apogee of the Slider series is meticulously engineered to integrate securely within vehicles. The fluid sliding action ensures swift access to your firearm when needed.



Whether you're a seasoned handgun enthusiast or embarking on a discovery journey, the paramount importance of dependable products to safeguard your firearms cannot be overstated. This begets peace of mind and guarantees the unwavering security of handguns, even during storage. Delve into our VAULTEK Slider collection today and embrace the epitome of firearm safety.



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