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Sports Afield

Sports Afield

Sports Afield

As a familiar, heartwarming, and dependable publication that has graced American homes since 1887, Sports Afield is dedicated to conveying their legacy-building history and appeal with every product they make today. The same goes for their firearm security containers.


Sports Afield seeks to make responsible gun ownership as attractive as possible by offering their client base gun safes which are a beautiful part of home decor — making them something that gun owners will be more likely to use and access frequently. Not to mention, these low profile safes make it easy to conceal your weapons even in plain sight.


However, you’ll find that the gun safes at Sports Afield are far more than just pretty pieces of furniture. Each safe offered at Sports Afield is crafted to meet stringent security and durability standards put forth by state laws, especially those regarding safe gun storage to protect those living at the home from harm.

That’s the true heart of Sports Afield: family protection. Just as it was the magazine enjoyed by generations past, Sports Afield will be the magazine your children are able to enjoy as well; and that starts today by ensuring comprehensive safety support in all gun-related aspects of your home.

Sports Afield believes that the right to gun ownership comes with immense responsibility, and that’s why they’re proud to offer fully secure, incredibly safe gun containers that will work well for you in your home. Nowhere is that commitment to safety and security have seen more prominently than in the Sports Afield Preserve Series SA5942h Gun Safe. It contains all the top-notch safety features that Sports Afield has built its legacy on.

Each of their safes comes with optional fire brushing to ensure that they look the way that you want, and each is completely fire-rated to ensure that your weapons are protected in the case of an unfortunate event.

Coming with different ranges of gun safe protection, including Standard, Professional, and Maximum, the safes at Sports Afield truly allow you to customize your gun storage experience without compromising quality. When you’re protecting your loved ones and your home, that’s all that matters.


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    Great safe

    I did a LOT of research on handgun safes. This safe is by far the best safe currently on the market and at a great price! Highly, highly recommend it!

    Shipping was a little slow, but it is 2020/2021 so no real surprise with all going on.

    Great style and complete all in one- however

    Look good feels sturdy, I am not impressed with the interior size/ holding capabilities. Best suited for sub-compact firearms or revolvers. Very discreet, TSA friendly

    Stealth Safes UL14 Gun Safe 55x20x17

    Diplomat 31-407 Estate Ebony Wood Finish Single Watch Winder

    Excellent Service

    The item arrive on time, I like the shipments alerts. Your website is easy to use. Please keep up the good work.


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