Tactical Walls

Founded in 2013, Tactical Walls stands as a family-owned and veteran-operated enterprise headquartered proudly in the heart of Virginia, firmly anchored in the United States. Each and every one of their offerings undergoes meticulous crafting on American soil, employing domestic materials and a skilled American workforce.


Tactical Walls excels in crafting products that prioritize straightforward installation, seamless functionality, and the utmost discretion. This venture's genesis traces back to a shared challenge we all confront: the constraint of storage space. The founder's initial concept, designed to tackle this very issue, has since matured into the sleek and pioneering creations now synonymous with Tactical Walls.


Take, for instance, their Sliding Mirror Bundle, a striking ensemble that conceals a concealed compartment behind an exquisitely fashioned wall mirror. These mirrors not only exude elegance but also demonstrate resilience, constructed from premium materials. A diverse selection of finishes, spanning from timeless white to opulent Dutch Walnut, ensures a harmonious blend with your home decor.


Tactical Walls also introduces the Bottom Locking Shelf, a well-received and capacious wall-mounting solution. This distinctive shelf conceals its locking mechanism beneath the surface, facilitating a smooth descent of the lower half, all thanks to a pneumatic strut. Moreover, the inclusion of motion-sensitive LED lighting guarantees effortless access, even in dimly lit surroundings.


When it comes to discreet, secure, and tastefully designed storage solutions that seamlessly merge with your living space, Tactical Walls emerges as the natural choice. Your secrets, their specialty.