Vaultek TSA Compliant Gun Safes

All Vaultek safes, including the LifePod series, proudly adhere to 100% TSA compliance standards. This unique designation not only permits you to bring these safes aboard flights but also facilitates the secure transportation of firearms. To ensure a smooth travel experience, kindly observe the following guidelines:


Traveling Without a Firearm:

  • * Your Vaultek safe can be stowed in your checked baggage or carried onto the aircraft.
  • * If included in your carry-on items, be prepared to open the safe when requested during general security screenings. TSA officials may ask for the safe to be opened post-X-ray examination.


Traveling With a Firearm:

  • * When traveling with a firearm, promptly declare this to your airline agent during the initial baggage check.
  • * You may be requested to open the safe for verification, ensuring the firearm is unloaded.
  • * For security reasons, it's recommended that you retain exclusive access to your safe by not providing the passcode to any other parties, adhering to TSA guidelines.
  • * While the outlined protocol is steadfast, it's important to note that various airports and airlines may have nuanced regulations due to varying levels of awareness. It's advisable to contact your airline before departure to familiarize yourself with their specific policy.


For comprehensive information and guidance, please refer to TSA's official documentation on transporting firearms and ammunition at: Transporting Firearms and Ammunition | Transportation Security Administration (

Travel confidently with Vaultek, where compliance, security, and peace of mind take flight.


As you prepare for your journey, consider these Vaultek models that align seamlessly with air travel standards:


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