Armadillo Safes is proud to be a CENNOX authorized online dealer offering FREE Shipping Nationwide and Financial Assistance with Klarna. For years, we have offered a variety of Safes to help meet our customers’ safety and storage needs by keeping them organized, secure, and confident.

CENNOX has been providing high-quality products designed to protect your company's vital assets for over six decades. This company has been building fire rated files since 1948, and since then it has been using the most innovative and advanced product development technology available.

CENNOX Safes contain no plastic, all of them are constructed with heavy steel. They also have steel bolt works, powder coat finishes and go into lockout mode after three incorrect attempts to open them.

These safes provide the capabilities you need to protect your assets,  with features tailored to the needs of your retail operations. CENNOX´s wide range of selection includes different sized depository safes, inventory control safes (single or double doors) , specialized pharmacy safes and Burglary and Fire resistant models. Our highly trained team is more than willing to help, providing you with assistance to make a selection that is tailored to fit your business’s specific needs.

For business owners CENNOX offers Depository Safes that allow you to make quick, secure cash drops with ease. In store operations, you need to be able to provide a secure environment for your liquid assets like cash. These postal-style depository safes provide a convenient and reliable form of security that prevents theft and shrinkage in your retail setting. Their easy under-the-counter installation means that your safe is in a location that promotes operational efficiency. The mailbox drop enables you to make “bank bag” type drops easily and is designed to accept bulky drops and deposit them into the safe. This allows you to make those types of drops without opening the main door to the safe, giving you peace of mind and control over who accesses your businesses' revenue.

Our best seller, the double door CENNOX Inventory Control B6032 Safe provides a secure environment for your valuables. In addition, if you are locking up to protect your inventory of controlled substances from employees and patients this safe is a great fit for your needs. The safe is fit with an electronic lock that is programmable with up to 30 user codes, limiting access to those who need it. In addition, setting a time delay can be a strong theft and armed robbery deterrent. All these features, coupled with outstanding customer service and live technical support when you need it, provide the capabilities and confidence you require.

In these times, locking up and protecting your inventory of controlled substances is imperative to your business, employees and patients. With the street demand for these medications at an all-time high having a secure, locking unit, guarding your pharmaceutical supplies is necessary for both big and small pharmacies, veterinary hospitals and most medical facilities.

CENNOX offers many different types of safes that carry a variety of Underwriters' Laboratories ratings, which means they have been submitted to some of the toughest tests you can imagine.