Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors, who are experts in the field of strong and durable security solutions like TruckVault.

This American born company has been providing secure vehicular storage systems for decades. It specializes in storage and security for SUVs, PickUp Trucks and Law Enforcement Vehicles.

At Armadillo Safes, our aim is to provide durable, high quality security solutions for your specific needs, and to do so at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a remarkable Price-Match Guarantee and great financing assistance from Klarna.

TruckVault secure storage solutions are the first choice of law enforcement professionals across the country and around the world. Protecting the safety of others begins with a responsibility towards individual security, organization, and care of weapons and gear.

TruckVault products outfit law enforcement and public safety professionals with the tools to excel in all these areas and more. Their extensive selection of secure vehicle storage solutions is the result of partnerships with countless public safety departments and organizations at the local, state and Federal levels. They offer intelligent designs that begin with basic security and elevate to fully customizable command center offerings to keep your guns and gear safe in every single vehicle type.

Our measurement of security goes far beyond theft prevention. TruckVault secure in-vehicle storage solutions also protect against moisture and fire damage, lost response time due to lack of organization, and lost dollars due to unnecessary wear and tear on valuable equipment. Each TruckVault is constructed in the USA, and is made out of tough MDO, this stands for medium density overlay, which is a special type of material that is made from pressed plywood and a layer of resin that is bonded over the surface with heat and pressure. MDO offers special benefits over plastic or metal counterparts, as it can stay functional and working for years before degradation. TruckVaults are built one at a time for a custom fit to the application. If you don’t see what you’re after, the company can design and build a TruckVault product to meet any need your department has.

Some of the items you can have customized are: Drawer count (one, two or multiple drawers), Lock Type, Dividers (diagonal or long), Drawer Faces, Carpet Color, Drawer Height and length.

The Law Enforcement collection offers solutions for SUV & PICKUP SERIES, Offering all-weather and carpeted product options for pickups ranging from two-drawer setups to custom designed multiple stacked configurations. And also for SEDAN SERIES, Offering a selection of product option for sedans including single drawer storage systems in elevated or floor mounted configurations.

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