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Bells, Whistles, Security

The safe looks nice, has good weight to it, is compact. Wish the fingerprint recognition was better. Also, Nano key should also have fingerprint or some other security. Having it accessible anywhere makes the safe less secure because unknowns can gain access. App could use a refresh — it’s ok, but wonder what could be added.
I love the safe, the organization and layout. Serves my needs and then some.

Appears to be high quality.

Safe arrived in perfect condition. Combination (dial) works smoothly.
Appears to be well constructed.

Great service, great safe!

Did my research on-line and purchased on the internet. ARMADELLO was great in responding quickly to any questions and fully answering. I purchased the white glove delivery. A little pricey, but in the end well worth the cost, because they did the hard work of installing in a closet. The local movers, Safe Movers, were on time, experienced and courteous.

Great safe

Compact for what it can hold and very functional.

Great company to work with

Purchase was effortless and delivery was perfect.

A Gun Safe Must!!!

Quality product and fast delivery!

Deer Blind Purchase

Had a great experience with Armadillo Safes. Was able to finance my new Dillon Blind from them and it shipped direct from Dillon Mfg. They told me it would be 2 weeks before it shipped up front so I was aware of the timeframe. The Blind arrived 3 days earlier than the 2 weeks just in time for deer season. My son has already shot his first buck out of that Blind. Thanks both to Armadillo and Dillon Mfg for a great product.


I ordered these because I thought they were made by Stealth, but I was sent similar lights made by SnapSafe instead. They are ok, the motion sensor is not particularly sensitive and the magnets are kind of weak. Not terrible, but not worth a return either.

Perfect Transaction

Ordered for the first time. Communication was excellent, shipping was timely and their price was the best around. I would definitely order again.

Under seat storage

I had the stereo under the seat and it would not fit. Any suggestions?

Just buy it!

First the experience with Armadillo Safe was excellent. No shipping cost and no tax for me made this purchase a no brainer. Also, I was able to interest free financing from Affirm, three separate monthly payments make it all a little more digestible.

Now to the XT3i I purchased. I wanted to be able to carry three guns, two magazines for each if needed, ammo, and my PPE in one box/bag. I’ve been using a $20 range bag for years, overall it worked. But, if I wanted to go anywhere other than home after the range, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving $2,500 or more worth of guns in the back of my Jeep.

I have a Vaultek original LifePod I’ve been using for a nightstand lockbox for over a year and it has worked well for me. The XT3i is very good quality and setting the codes and biometric up was easy. I have it configured the way I like and I want to go to the range more. I have a completion gun I practice with, my daily carry I always shoot, and now I can take one of my BBQ guns to the range and give it a day out of the safe.

The one thing you have to be aware of, this is NOT a light weight option. With three guns, three different calibers of ammunition and my PPE, this case tipped the scales at just over 26 pounds. I’m not carrying it very far so it doesn’t bother me that much, just don’t drop it on your foot if you’re not wearing safety shoes.

One last thing, I was able to mount an Apple AirTag in the case. I use those on just about all my expensive toys. If someone does manage to walk away with my XT3i, I can lead the police their way before they get a chance to try and crack it open.

Good Thought

I like the design. It’s very heavy and a little difficult to mount. Ensure you use good wall anchors.

Vaultek RS800i

The safe came well packaged with easy instructions on how to set it up. Great customer service too!

Du-ha behind the seat storage

Seem like it would be a great product but did not fit my 2023 truck as stated but they are suppose to be designing a new mold for the new trucks

Great lock

Perfect for quick access while still being secure and hidden. Fits my rifle with an optic perfectly.

This is a great little safe, we build them into master bedroom closet cabinets.
Very happy with Armadillo safe compony, first time using them. We will definingly buy from them again.

Very good

I received my gun safe and opened the box to find a very well constructed item. It’s made with quality wood and parts. I am very happy with my purchase.

EGS28 Flag Safe

Safe arrived on time and in perfect condition. Small enough to place in position with a simple flat piano dolly. Got upgraded mechanical lock, works smoothly. Perfect size for a couple AR’s, shotgun, several pistols and ammo with additional storage for some other valuables. Thanks for the help. Great experience!

Happy Customer

I bought the vault to mainly keep my grand children from accessing my firearms. Not really using it as an anti theft device. I do like the ability to put in three of the combination numbers ahead of time, then just press one number to open the vault. Everything works well. Also, Armadillo had the best price and I received it very fast.

Liberty Home No Quarter Given Concealment Flag

Mounting was easy but cutting the spaces in the foam for my guns was the hard part (but that’s my fault) the whole thing is beautiful it looks amazing in my home it makes the room it’s in really pop it’s fantastic


Smooth transaction from purchase to product work as intended would recommend Armadillo Safes … the Vaultek RS200i is really assume…looking forward to do more business with them.

Very sturdy

I was surprised at the quality of the outer case, and the locking mechanism is very sly. Would definitely recommend this purchase.

My husband loved it. Thank you