Black Hawk Gun Safes

Black Hawk Gun Safes


Armadillo Safes is proud to be Hollon Safes' preferred online dealer offering FREE Shipping Nationwide. Hollon has been making safes that exceed industry standards for years. Their design, strength, and durability go beyond what most manufacturers provide. Hollon Safes takes pride in that before its brand name is attached to each and any safe, it must undergo a rigid list of inspections, testing, and audits by companies like UL (Underwriter's Laboratories). This independent research, safety, and science company takes a non-biased approach to evaluating products and shares their findings so consumers can confidently make sound decisions when investing in a safe.


The Black Hawk Gun Safes offer strength in design and quality. They are designed with ten gauge steel and an additional ¼ inch steel plate on the interior of the door giving these safes 30% thicker steel than most competing brands. In addition to thicker steel, their entry is 5 inches wide overall. This creates a barrier that withstands both crowbar and pry bar attacks.


Each safe is reinforced with up to 16 solid steel bolts 1.5 inches thick. That's thicker and longer than the industry standard for high-security gun safes! Furthermore, the bolts are placed on all four sides, ensuring maximum defensive protection.


The hinges are a high-security vault style designed to outlast standard gun-safe hinges by decades. The default-stylee hinges allow for complete fire coverage of the interior thing,e, whereas other manufacturers that use internal hinges don't even bother putting insulation. This means that your Black Hawk Gun Safe could protect and keep your firearms from theft and fire.


Black Hawk Gun Safe has an increased fire rating of 90 minutes at 1400 degrees. Hollon uses multiple layers of fire boar,d with each coating sealed, caulked, and filled with fire-resistant caulking. Additionally, when exposed to heat, their intumescent door seal expands to 8 times its original size.


Hollon only uses the Sargent and Greenleaf Military Grade EMP Rated Spartan lock. Why does Hollon Safe use the more expensive S&G electronic locks over the imports that other brands use?


Sargent and Greenleaf's high-security electronic locks are proven to withstand military-level EMP attacks giving you full access to your valuables even after an EMP emergency. What is an EMP? Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are short bursts of electromagnetic energy that can interfere with or damage electrical equipment, thus turning off their functionality. An EMP can occur naturally with solar flares or technological devices such as nuclear weapons. The high-energy particles from such an explosion would cascade to Earth, interacting with the planet's magnetic field and destroying the electronic systems below. This would cripple the nation's power system.


S&G tested its most popular gun-safe locks using the U.S. military's highest EMP impact standard. An independent lab applied a radiant transient electromagnetic field on various S&G keypads following the Military Standard MIL-STD461F, Method RS105 at 50 kV/m peak exposure. At the end of the testing series,s the S&G locks were still fully functional.l


UL Listed Type 1 ElectronicLocks are designed to withstand 1,000 Newtons of bolt end pressure to resist side punch attacks. The red LED light illuminates the keypad for easy access,s even in dark rooms.


Every Black Hawk Gun Safe comes standard with a drill and ballistic-resistant hard plate to protect the lock during drill attacks. The only practical way through it is by melting it. Even if a thief managed to get through that, these safes have a dual relocking system that works even if no lock is left on the safe.


Luxury features include a 5-spoke black chrome handle and trim. A plush cushioned interior that is wrapped on all sides and consists of a unique durable "pillow trim" that coddles your guns and eliminates possible scratches.


In addition to the luxury interior, each Black Hawk Gun Safe includes a motion-activated "Vista Light" LED lighting system. This system can be battery-operated or plugged into the electrical outlet, including multiple outlets and two USB ports. Each door includes a heavy-duty canvas door organizer designed to help you get the most space usage.


The Multi-flex shelving system allows for different arrangements for maximum use of space,e including tactical setups. Every Black Hawk Gun Safe comes withfour4 bolt-down holes and hardware. 


The models we have available are: