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Get ready for your next adventure! With our TruckVaults you can keep your gear and valuables safe. Ideal for hunting and fishing gear, photographic equipment, extreme sports gear, working tools and any expensive item that need special storage on the road.

Responsible gun owners know the importance of keeping their firearms safe at all times. If you’re leaving it at home, it should have its own storage that the kids cannot access. If you’re going to bring it out with you, it’s very essential to have a car gun safe. Keep reading for your complete guide.

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Decked truck bed includes drawers with generous room for all your stuff. The company has many choices, and it’s up to you to find the best storage system for your truck. That’s not an easy task, but this guide will help. You will find factors on how to choose options that suit your preference. The article also discusses the installation process. Keep reading for more.
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In this guide, you’ll discover many gun safe for car options. These concealment storages allow you to keep weapons secure in your sedans, SUVs, or vans. You’ll find detailed product reviews below. Don’t hesitate to browse them and find the perfect solution. Read for more.
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The men and women who protect and serve are never really "off-duty" and in that respect neither is your TruckVault.

Each TruckVault Secure Storage System serves on-duty customers in many ways. Law Enforcement officers carry a ton of gear daily and on top of that many officers today perform multiple duties. SWAT officers, for instance, carry additional high value gear that needs securing. Overloaded and busting at the seams and with cab space at a premium, TruckVault products not only secure valuable or sensitive items but also organize it efficiently saving both time and money. The same goes for surveyorsphotographers, and any number of other professions where expensive equipment is transported daily while on the job. But TruckVault isn’t just for work purposes, it can be for your weekend adventures as well.

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Keeping a gun in your truck or vehicle could be a necessary part of accomplishing your personal defense strategy while on the go. First and foremost, before you carry a gun with you in the truck, you should find out what your state and local laws say about concealed carry in the vehicle.

Most states require a concealed carry permit for concealed gun carry but additional laws come in to play when carrying a firearm in a vehicle. For instance, California citizens can carry a concealed weapon in their car but there are specific requirements when doing so i.e. the firearm must be secured and unloaded while its ammunition must also be secured and in a separate locking compartment

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 America has a stolen gun problem. Reports of firearms stolen from officers’ patrol cars have already dominated headlines in 2020. For example, in North Carolina, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department task force said that 100 of the 250 guns they seized in January and February were stolen out of cars. Other reports estimate that one gun is stolen every 90 seconds, equating about 380,000 stolen firearms each year.

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