Vaultek 10 Series

The VAULTEK 10 series presents a range of safes meticulously designed for optimal portability. These safes are engineered to accompany you wherever you venture, all while upholding uncompromising security. Their reliability is unwavering. If you're uncertain about whether a safe from the VAULTEK 10 series aligns with your needs, fret not! Making an informed decision is crucial, and the 10 series offers three distinct safe options:


Here's a glimpse of the standout features within the VAULTEK 10 series and how they can enhance your experience:


  • Biometric Scanner: VAULTEK's reputation as an industry leader in biometric safes is well-deserved. Their biometric scanners grant safe owners swift and efficient access to their valuables. Safes from the 10 series boast the capability to securely store and recognize up to twenty fingerprints, enabling you to control access to your essentials.


  • Keypad: Every facet of a VAULTEK safe is optimized for peak performance. Within the 10 series, this translates to a keypad that marries security with user-friendly access. Proximity sensors detect a user's presence and illuminate the keypad, ensuring effortless usage even during nighttime.


  • Keyed Entry: For those who appreciate the reliability of traditional security methods, a safe from the VAULTEK 10 series might be precisely what you seek. Each safe in this series is furnished with two keys for keyed entry access.


  • Long-Lasting Battery: In the realm of security, reliability is paramount. This signifies that you should confidently rely on your safe to safeguard your essentials regardless of circumstances. The 10 series takes this commitment to another level. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, these safes can operate for over six months with regular use, requiring a mere two and a half hours for a full charge. This epitomizes reliability at its pinnacle.


  • Bluetooth App Support: The Bluetooth-enabled safe within the 10 series introduces users to VAULTEK's premier app ecosystem. While real-time alerts aren't available via the Bluetooth app, you can effortlessly control multiple safes with a tap on your smartphone.


In summary, if your quest involves a high-quality safe that transcends the functionality benchmarks for its size, VAULTEK's 10 series safes could very well be your ideal choice. Explore today to discover your perfect match and elevate your security standards!


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