Depository Safe

Depository Safes are designed to protect companies and help them put a dead stop to theft or shrinkage – internal or external, and regain control of their cash. These safes are the absolute best choice for any commercial environment. They allow quick deposits, secure storage for cash and miscellaneous valuables without actual access inside the money safe. This helps protect money collections where immediate deposits are required and give you peace of mind knowing your business is protected.

Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors, who are experts in the field of strong and durable depository safes like: Mesa, Hollon, FireKing , Phoenix and Socal- Bridgeman. These brands carry a wide arrange of models in different sizes and price categories depending on your businesses specific needs.

At Armadillo Safes our aim is to provide security solutions at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a remarkable Price Match Guarantee , FREE Curb Side Delivery on all safes, and great financing assistance from Klarna.

Depository safes have a drop box feature and storage space to keep other valuables such as documents, jewelry and rare collectibles safe from burglaries. Their solid steel constructions provide maximum strength and durability. The thick diameter of the steel locking bolts provides added security and makes it difficult for any thief to engage any attempts at prying it open. Other optional security features that are included with our depository safes are four anchor holes that provide you the ability to anchor down your cash safes onto the floor, wall or any other types of surfaces to prevent burglars from removing it from its place.

Our brands offer you the option of selecting a combination or electronic lock. With these electronic locks, if the combinations have been entered incorrectly, then the lock will go into a lockout penalty mode that will prevent any further combinations to be entered.

Hollon for example has a wide variety of depository safes that are constructed with solid steel plates and continuous welds for all parts of the safe. These B Rated depository safes are designed for use with armored car services, restaurants, chain stores, convenience stores and government applications. They come with an Anti-Fish baffle that prevents theft through deposit door and with your choice of UL Listed Type 1 S&G Electronic Lock, UL listed S&G Group 2 Dial lock or UL listed Dual Key Lock and a Drill/Ballistic Resistant hard plate to protect any of these Locks and re-lockers.

Some of these models have a Rotary Hopper/ Top that is located on the top and is a drum that rotates when you turn it to deposit any items into the main chamber of the safe. If you have a large deposit bag or a large drop, a rotary hopper deposit safe is the right solution. If properly anchored, the threat of robbery or internal theft is greatly reduced. These deposit safes are an incredibly efficient solution for securing and storing excess cash, large bills and checks.