Rhino was founded in 1995, starting out as a small, veteran-owned metal fabrication job shop. Rhino’s founder, a fighter pilot, had a modest, yet, complete vision for the business. He knew exactly what he wanted to create and the legacy that he wanted to build. Today, it’s clear to see that his dream has been realized. Rhino is a nationwide success and a gun safe industry leader headquartered in Caldwell, Idaho.


The name Rhino originates from Don Suggs’ aircraft, the McDonnell Douglas 7-4 Phantom. The plane had a long nose and perceived toughness, earning it the nickname “Rhino,” a much-beloved aircraft to Mr. Suggs. The initial goal of the venture that started Rhino safes was simple — build a safe to keep weapons away from children. This was a result of the lack of secure and affordable safes available for purchase. In short, Rhino has two primary focuses that are deeply interwoven in its core: security and affordability. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a Rhino safe.


Rhino’s All-American supply-chain is another key element of their success. Not only does this ensure that there are fewer delays in the production process, but they are also able to ensure that their safes are built in compliance with the strictest gun safety laws across the country.

They produce all of the parts needed to build gun safes in their Caldwell manufacturing plant. Their gun safe offerings can be divided into two categories: the Rhino Kodiak Import series and the Rhino Ironworks series.


The Ironworks series are notable for their aesthetic. Each safe is distressed and antiqued by hand. This process allows the natural variations within the steel to emerge. Aside from the visual aspect of these gun safes, they are built to hold AR-15’s and various modern sporting rifles. With advanced fire protection (up to 130 minutes at 1400 Fahrenheit depending on the safe), these sturdy gun safes also have LED interior lighting and an infrared motion sensor.


The Rhino Kodiak Import series offers an alternative for those who aren’t looking for a vintage heirloom as a multifunctional decorative piece. The Rhino USA gun safes are offered in various a simple understated beige. These safes have the gift of fire protection (at 1400 Fahrenheit), in addition to advanced 4-layer protection and a heat-activated door seal. Don’t miss out on a Rhino safe, you’d be losing out on security that you can count on.

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