Vaultek 20 Series

The VAULTEK 20 series introduces safes with multiple entry avenues, ensuring effortless access for you while effectively keeping others at bay. Employ the premium biometric scanner, numeric keycode, or traditional keyed access. Moreover, if remote access to your 20 series safe is on your radar, the solution lies within the dedicated app on your smart device.


Should your safe encounter high levels of impact or shock, the two impact-resistant latches activate to safeguard the contents within, regardless of the circumstances. These latches synergize with a rugged, resilient exterior shell that guarantees the security of your essentials, even when subjected to pressure. While prioritizing functionality, the exterior design remains attentive to maintaining its aesthetic appeal.


VAULTEK extends an array of color options, allowing you to tailor your safe's appearance to your preference. The safes are treated with a specially engineered powder coat to fend off corrosion, ensuring your safe ages gracefully and retains its visual allure for years to come. Within VAULTEK's 20 series safes, the interior is meticulously lined with high-density material, offering comprehensive protection from the inside out.


The VAULTEK 20 series caters to those who appreciate products demanding minimal upkeep. Each safe within this series is furnished with a lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in just two and a half hours. Given that a single charge can endure up to six months of standard use, you'll find yourself needing to charge your safe merely twice a year. Considering the myriad features and security benefits at hand, it's a remarkably reasonable trade-off.


In pursuit of a dependable, robust, and secure safe? Look no further than VAULTEK's 20 series. This series encapsulates everything essential to securing your valuables, whether they're stored in your closet or in plain sight!


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