Vaultek 20 Series

VAULTEK 20 Series Gun Safes

The VAULTEK 20 series features safes with multiple access points that make it easy for you to access whatever you have stored within and keep everyone else out. Utilize the premium biometric scanner, numeric keycode, or keyed access. Not to mention, if you are looking for a way to access your 20 series safe remotely, look no further than the app on your smart device.

If your safe is subject to high impact or shock, the two impact-resistant latches activate to ensure that the contents of your safe remain protected, no matter what. In fact, these latches work in combination with a durable and hard-wearing exterior shell that guarantees that your essentials are safe, even when they are subject to pressure. While this maintains functionality, the exterior is also designed to retain it’s aesthetic.



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VAULTEK offers a number of color options, so you can customize your safe’s look. The safes are treated with a powder coat that is engineered to prevent corrosion. In short, your safe will age gracefully and retain its good looks for years to come.  The interior of VAULTEK’s 20 series safes are lined with a high-density interior that offers complete protection — from the inside out.

The VAULTEK 20 series is made for those who value a product that requires little to no maintenance. Each VAULTEK safe in the 20 series comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that charges in as little as two and a half hours. As a single charge can last for up to six months under normal usage, you can expect to have to charge your safe for as little as two times a year. With all the features and security that you are getting, it seems like a pretty fair trade!

Looking for a dependable safe that’s durable and secure? Then look no further than VAULTEK’s 20 series. The series has everything you need to secure your essentials, whether you keep them stored in your closet or out in the open!



RS Series

Biometric Smart Rifle Safe

Wi-Fi Enabled | Instant Alerts | Biometric | Modular Interior

Stores Multiple AR + Pistol Combinations

MX Series

High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe

Wi-Fi (Instant Alerts) or Bluetooth Option
Biometric Optional | Modular Interior

Stores Multiple Pistols

Slider Series

Compact Rugged Slider Safe

Wi-Fi (Instant Alerts) or Bluetooth Option Biometric Optional

Stores Full-Size Pistol + Magazine

VT Series

Full Size Rugged Smart Safe

Bluetooth Capable | Biometric Optional

Stores 2 Full-Size Pistols + Magazines

20 Series

Compact Rugged Smart Safe

Bluetooth Capable | Biometric Optional

Stores Full-Size Pistol + Magazines

10 Series

Sub-Compact Rugged Travel Safe

Bluetooth Capable | Biometric Optional

Stores Sub-Compact Pistol + Magazine

LifePod Series

Weather Resistant Lockbox

Built-in Lock | Dustproof | Water Resistant | Airtight | Floats

Lightweight | Impact Resistant Housing

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Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors, who are experts in the field of meticulously engineered top quality products. One of these brands is VAULTEK.

They read thousands of product reviews and comments from real users and tested more than a dozen engineering and industrial designs before they settled on the one that best accommodated the quality, performance, styling, and cost to represent their mission.

Because of these huge efforts, VAULTEK is proud to present their first product line that not only offers the best performance and design, but is also built to the highest standard.

They developed these safes as quick access safes focusing on technology and smart protection. Fire protection is not implemented.  VAULTEK is about innovation, safety, security and service. Their safes have a wide range of powerful anti-theft features for the ultimate break-in prevention.  There is also a strict device verification process in place so only you and your phone have access to safe settings.

Additionally, you cannot open the safe with WiFi. With WiFi connectivity, you can view the safe activity and receive live alerts like tampering, settings changed, opened/closed, and more that vary per model