Vaultek MX Series

If you need more clarification about VAULTEK and its exceptional offerings, allow the MX series to sway your opinion. If your quest has led you in search of a company with an esteemed reputation for producing top-tier safes, then your journey ends with VAULTEK. This company has solidified its standing by consistently delivering high-caliber products that have garnered unwavering customer loyalty. The MX series is a testament to the excellence that has propelled them to such acclaim.


VAULTEK's MX series presents an affordable, safe solution tailored for pistol owners, though it's important to note that these safes do not accommodate rifles. Yet, avoid falling into the misconception that the MX series needs more features. In reality, the MX series is as feature-rich and user-friendly as all other products from VAULTEK. Those contemplating the MX series stand to gain a plethora of remarkable features, including:


  • WiFi or Bluetooth-Supported App: Within the MX series, safes are seamlessly integrated with apps accessible via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. These apps empower users to control their safes and their corresponding features remotely. Additionally, users can monitor significant activities related to their safe, including potential tampering.


  • Accessory Bundle: Opting for a safe from the MX series provides a premium safe and a substantial accessory package. Among the accessories are a twin pistol rack, a rechargeable battery pack, mounting hardware, and backup keys. You'll possess all the essentials to optimize your new safe fully.


  • Smart Key Nano: A crucial attribute for any safe owner valuing a harmonious blend of accessibility and security. The intelligent key nano allows safe owners to remotely access their safes with a simple button press. Furthermore, it serves as a panic button, enhancing the sense of security.


The VAULTEK MX series presents a trio of distinct safe options, allowing you to select the one that aligns with your requirements. Regardless of your choice, each option guarantees optimal protection and security. The most budget-friendly selection is the VAULTEK MXE High Capacity Rugged Safe, which encapsulates all essential features of a premier pistol safe while omitting more advanced functionalities.


For those seeking a more feature-rich alternative, the VAULTEK MXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe is a compelling option, fortified by advanced app technology.


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