Stealth Safes

Welcome to the Stealth Safes collection page, where you'll discover a range of high-quality and secure safes designed to protect your firearms and valuables. With a commitment to innovation, durability, and simplicity, Stealth is a trusted name in gun storage solutions.


At Stealth, quality is paramount. They prioritize the craftsmanship and materials used in their safes, ensuring that each product is built to last. With more steel in their safes than their competitors, you can trust that your belongings will be well-protected. Moreover, Stealth stands behind its products with generous warranties, reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction.


When it comes to affordability, Stealth doesn't compromise on quality. They strive to offer cost-effective solutions that don't compromise on security. You can have peace of mind knowing that the gun storage solutions you choose from Stealth will provide long-lasting protection for years to come.


Stealth offers a diverse selection of safes to cater to different needs. Whether you require a safe for home or office use, storage for large guns or handguns, floor safes, or wall safes, they have you covered. Furthermore, they offer various locking mechanisms, including biometric, numeric, and rotary options. This allows you to choose the level of access control that best suits your needs, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and fulfilling your responsibility as a gun owner.


One standout option in the Stealth Safes collection is the Stealth EGS14 Essential Gun Safe. This high-quality gun safe combines affordability with classic design and reliable security features. It's a testament to Stealth Tactical's commitment to providing exceptional products at fair prices.


Whether you're in the market for a safe biometric handgun or a maximum-security gun storage system, Stealth has the solution. Their safes are built with your security in mind, offering a combination of durability and convenience. With Stealth Tactical, you can trust that your firearms and valuables are well-protected.


Browse the Stealth Safes collection today and find the perfect safe that meets your needs. Experience the peace of mind of owning a Stealth safe – a reliable and secure storage solution for your firearms and other valuable possessions.