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    Great product, great company to buy from

    Excellent safe


    Great safe, easy to use, very solid construction, perfect bedside safe for my home defense pistol.

    Great product, fast shipping

    Product just as described. Fast free shipping and great communication. Would definitely buy from again

    Great little safe, but.....

    I really like the safe but, one of the main selling points for the lifepod 2.0 is the internal tray to put all of your gun and etc accessories on and unless you have a micro 9mm or smaller it doesn’t even fit. Even with no foam in the bottom the lid won’t shut with my H&K VP9SK (which is a sub compact model)! I just think that they could have given it the extra inch so that it could fit full size pistols with the insert. Considering they came out with this model to accommodate larger pistols. Other than that I think it’s a pretty awesome safe and I’m pretty happy with it. Also, for some reason my light turns off a few seconds after opening and the directions given to toggle light on and off doesn’t work.

    Review of Safe Purchase

    I love the safe and believe it is a good product but the information regarding the opening with the combination is poor. I even watched the video on you tube from the link provided from your service department. I had to have a repair man from a local locksmith to come out and open it and show me the correct methods. He tols me that I wasn't the only person to have a problem with turning to the right after dialing all the combination numbers.The problem is that the dial wants to stop before it actually disengages but you have to keep going. I was afraid that I would break something. The repair man even has a business card that better explains the way to correctly open it. As it turns out I am out one hundred and fifty dollars to get better opening information. You should contact the repairman to get5 his method.