RV Safes


Living in an RV is a dream come true for many of those who seek liberty and adventure. With such great freedom, also comes great responsibility. Regardless of how we choose to live and travel, we all have valuable items that are of great meaning and importance to us. These are the items that we carry close to our hearts for different reasons and  keeping them safe and guarded at all times must become a priority for us in this day and age.  


Many things are important when living or vacationing in an RV, trusting your instincts, being aware and alert of your surroundings, making sure you are set with all that you need, and most importantly, keeping your valuables items safe, even  more so if we are referring to firearms!

Organizing and securing your equipment is essential whether you're going on a road trip, camping, or just out for a day hike. You may find yourself having to leave your vehicle at a trailhead or remote parking area for hours at a time and this is when crooks know to attack; don't give them a chance to steal your gear, passports and guns. We have many different options of safes that are secure, small and discrete. These will allow you to enjoy fully and focus on more important things like having fun with your friends or family.  

Our selection includes safes that can be left inside the RV closet, concealment safes that will blend in as decoration and not catch anyone's attention, and portable safes that you can take with you to carry things you might need while being out like camera, cellphone wallet, protection, etc. Some of our portable options are even waterproof, so you will be able to hit the water freely and jump on that kayak without fearing for the safety of your technical devices. 

We have prepared for you a curated lists of safes that have the best of all worlds, if you are a fan of the traditional we have dial combination lock safes that will never need a battery replacement, we also have Electric Lock options that will make getting into your safe as simple as punching in your code, Biometric Safes that will guarantee that only the registered users will have access and options with Magnetic or RFD Locks that will allow you to easily access your valuables in case of an emergency. Many of these safes also have a night light that will make it easier for you to find what you need once the night has fallen. We take pride in the concealment furniture we provide in this collection since all of the ítems showcased have been built by local artisans with locally sourced Wood.

Any of the safes you decide to purchase will make sure the main point of keeping your RV safe is covered. We will ship the safes to you with FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US and will not charge you taxes for any state (we take care of that for you!)