Hollon TL-15 PM Series

Hollon TL-15 PM Series


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Be it sophisticated burglar attacks, devastating power tools or raging forest fires, none of them are going to get through the new TL-15 Series Safes. The UL Listed TL-15 PM Series offers both tool resistance and fireproof security beyond our toughest safes to date. If you want the ultimate in security, trust the safes that are ranked Protection level: Maximum … that is the promise behind Hollon’s new PM Series. As the manufacturer said when describing it This isn’t a safe. It’s a fortress.


The TL-15 safe thinks it´s a TL-30. Not only does it have similar features but also it has far exceeded every TL-15 test it has been submitted to. These PM Series TL-15 safes have been put through testing that could only be called insane, including punishment by experts wielding all types of safe cracking tools and hell-bent on breaking in. 


As a result you will have some serious Peace of Mind. These safes offer added protection against high-intensity fires, having passed a factory rated 2 Hour internal temperature of 350° F while the external temperature reaches up to 1750° F. We’re talking forest fire strength. Let’s face it: You won’t find a tougher TL-15 safe.


This rating is applied by the UL to a safe scenario that ends after the door opens after 15 minutes of testing. It is required to be constructed with 1-inch solid steel or the equivalent.


Hollon makes safes that exceed industry standards for design, strength and durability. Before the Hollon Safe name is attached to each safe, it must undergo a rigid list of inspections, testing and audits by companies like UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) an independent research, safety and science company that takes a non-biased approach to evaluating products and shares their findings so consumers can confidently make sound decisions when purchasing a safe.


 **Please allow 3″ in depth for handle and hinges**