TL-15 safes are highly secure and robust safes designed to provide a high level of protection against burglary and theft. The "TL" stands for "Tool-Resistant," and the number "15" indicates the minimum amount of time in minutes that these safes are tested to withstand attacks using common burglary tools.

Key features of TL-15 safes include:


✔️ Heavy-Duty Construction: TL-15 safes are built with thick steel walls and doors, making them extremely resistant to drilling, cutting, and prying.

✔️ Reinforced Locking Mechanisms: These safes come equipped with advanced locking systems, including multiple bolts and relockers, which engage when tampering is detected.

✔️ Fire Resistance: Many TL-15 safes also offer a degree of fire resistance, protecting valuable documents and items from damage in the event of a fire.

✔️ Combination Locks: TL-15 safes often use combination locks, which are less vulnerable to electronic hacking attempts.

✔️ Customization: Customers can often choose from various sizes and interior configurations to meet their specific security and storage needs.

✔️ Insurance Ratings: TL-15 safes typically meet or exceed insurance industry standards for protecting high-value items and cash.


    These safes are commonly used by businesses, financial institutions, jewelry stores, and individuals who need a high level of security for their valuables. However, it's essential to consult with a security professional to determine the right safe for your specific requirements, as TL-15 safes are just one category within a broader range of security options.