Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors, who are experts in the field of strong and durable security solutions like TruckVault.

This American born company has been providing secure storage systems for vehicles for decades. It specializes in storage and security for SUVs & other vehicles.

At Armadillo Safes, our aim is to provide durable, high quality security solutions for your specific needs, and to do so at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a remarkable Price-Match Guarantee and great financing assistance from Klarna.

TruckVault products can be completely customized to fit your specific your needs, the company welcomes and encourages customers’ design input. SUV Truck Vaults can be carpeted or all weather resistant and are able to keep your belongings protected even under extreme conditions. Their tight seal provides protection from condensation to a stop to potentially damaging moister buildup and insulates stored equipment from extreme heat and damaging fire.

These Truck Vaults are made of tough MDO, this stands for medium density overlay, which is a special type of material that is made from pressed plywood and a layer of resin that is bonded over the surface with heat and pressure. MDO offers special benefits over plastic or metal counterparts, as it can stay functional and working for years before degradation. 

There different SUV TruckVault collections or lines are the following:

Responder Line: It features various configurations of drawers for storage, secure or open cubbies for gear, magnetic map boards for command and on-scene planning. It can be configured with pre-wired power to run electronics by ordering a technology package if needed.

Commander line: includes many models of premier storage and organization solution. Their design layouts have been tried and tested to maximize both the organization and situational awareness. These models provide its user simple functionality. Models can have one or two drawers and be customized for Standard Height (6.5 inches) or Mangum Heigh (10.5 inches). Other models in this line feature a full size dry erase magnetic map board, lidded cubbies, and a pullout table extension. 

Baseline: This line offers the perfect design for anyone looking for medium-profile, high-security storage system for SUVs that maximizes storage space in a single or double drawer, mounted to the floor. They are equipped with Strike-Guard and Simplex Combination lock for industry-leading security.

Each TruckVault is custom made to tailor to your specific needs, Armadillo Safes has a highly trained team of customer service representatives who are always willing to assist you in quoting and purchasing a product that will fit your SUV like a glove and keep your belongings protected and organized, giving you peace of mind and tranquility. 

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