Decked exists as a brand because its founders believed there just had to be a better way to have great storage than fussing with flimsy plywood drawers and duct-taping pieces together. They were able to find a much better method for keeping items secure, and over twenty years later, they are a significant voice in at-home secure storage of valuables, namely handguns for licensed owners.

Specializing in storage optimized for the back of a truck, the designers at Decked work hard to ensure that their in-vehicle storage systems can work for everyone. With meticulously-engineered products, every storage option they offer is well-made, easy to use, and generally makes your life better as only a great storage system can.

If you’re looking for weatherproof options for all-purpose storage, you can’t go wrong with their D-boxes and in-vehicle shelving units. With all-waterproof materials and convenient yet completely secure locking mechanisms, each product at Decked seeks to do one thing and do it well — keep your items safe and sound so you can go about your business without worrying about your valuables.

They’ll be safe, especially if stored within one of Decked’s safes like the Decked Ford Super Duty (2017 and on), enabling truck lovers to carry them on the go. The durability of each product at Decked was one of the founders' primary missions, being fed up as they were with homemade, hacked-together solutions that didn’t work.

Because they were made by the same people who wanted to use them, Decked products come with details that are geared towards making your day-to-day easier: from bit guides and rulers on the tops of toolboxes to horizontal and vertical handles, you’ll find that their boxes and secure storage systems aren’t just storage units, but are multitools as well.

Innovative and creative thinking make Decked a household name in secure storage and daily toolsets. They look forward to serving their clients for years to come.