Vaultek LifePod Series

If your priority is finding a safe that adapts to your needs, VAULTEK’s Lifepod safe series is the ideal solution. Tailored for globetrotters, adventurers, and everyone in between, this Lifepod series offers an array of exceptional features that grant users peace of mind, allowing them to fully engage in activities like swimming or cross-country journeys.


Moreover, the Lifepod series is designed for portability, ensuring you can carry it with you while maintaining top-notch security. Packed with VAULTEK's cutting-edge innovations, these safes come in a compact case that can accompany you anywhere – they're even TSA-compliant!


While the Lifepod series excels in portability, it’s not its only remarkable attribute. VAULTEK’s Lifepod safes are engineered for durability. Utilizing VAULTEK’s exclusive polymer, these safes boast a robust shell capable of withstanding significant abuse, including impressive impact resistance. Clumsiness won't be a concern!


Now, turning to safety, the Lifepod series sets a new standard. Beyond fitting remarkable safety features into a compact frame, it guards your belongings against nearly every threat. VAULTEK’s Lifepod safes are fully waterproof, whether powered by a battery or not. Even more reassuring, they float, ensuring easy retrieval in case of accidental immersion.


The feature-rich keypad serves a dual purpose. Beyond securing your belongings, it provides essential information about your safe's status and battery levels. Thanks to its backlighting, accessing your essentials in low-light conditions is hassle-free.


For the ultimate travel-safe experience, explore VAULTEK’s Lifepod series. Here are some of our top-selling options to consider!

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