Founded in 2010, ShotLock offers gun safes that are ideal for securing a single home defense pump shotgun. Their claim to fame is the Solo-Vault a competitively priced gun safe with specs that appeal to shotgun owners. Owners of handguns, AR-platform rifles, or defense shotguns/concealable handguns should consider their products. Not only do they offer significant security features, but they are also produced by a brand that has made a name for itself in the gun safe industry. When you choose ShotLock, you’re choosing a brand that your fellow gun owners trust and rely on.


Their products are tailored to people who want a design that allows them to safely secure their firearm, as well as accessing it quickly in need. With 200M security storage, these sturdy safes made from military-grade 14-gauge steel have a sleek design and top-notch security features. The Solo-Vault accommodates both right and left-handed shotguns, has a “no pry”, flanged lid with two internal locking hooks.


Moreover, many of their products are mountable, allowing you to install it wherever is most convenient, safe, and accessible for you. Of course, if you choose not to mount your safe, you’re still able to reap all the benefits of having such a high-quality safe. The handgun solo-vault also has cable holes for vehicle transportation, and a carrying handle to make it easy to transport.


They also offer the QuickDrawer, a secure solution for storing home defense handguns and pistols in a drawer. These vaults have a smooth sliding drawer function and are made from military-grade 14-gauge steel. The lock on the QuickDrawer is all-mechanical and programmable. Owners of AR-platform rifles should consider the ShotLock AR Solo-Vault, designed specifically for this firearm. The user-friendly push-button key-override lock lets you access your firearm in just a few seconds. What more could you ask for?