Ask the Experts: Gun Safes for Hunters


It’s that time of the year again: hunting season! So this month we wanted to dig into what the hunting experts look for in a gun safe.

We posed five questions to our hunting experts about what they are looking for in a gun safe to find out which features they find the most important. They have some amazing insights you won’t want to miss!

Introducing our experts

We have an amazing group of experts who offered up their opinions and expertise for this article, including:

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Question 1: What specs/features do you typically look for in a gun safe?

“I like a small profile safe. Something that doesn't take up more room than it really needs.” – John

“When choosing a gun safe, I am specifically looking for security, a base level fire rating and enough size that it can hold all of my firearms. I also use a separate gun safe or gun locker specifically for holding ammunition because often the investment of ammunition is so high and I want that secure as well as my firearms.” – Kevin

“I look for material, a locking mechanism, size/capacity, weight, and interior configuration. I want a sturdy and thick construction, with either an electronic lock or a combination lock. Electronic locks are just SO convenient! I also look for adequate space for my current firearms and want room for my future purchases. I also love adjustable shelving, gun racks, and enough storage for added accessories.” – Carly

Key Takeaways

Our experts look for the following specs/features in a gun safe:

  • Appropriate size/capacity/weight for their needs
  • Solid construction
  • Strong security features
  • Good internal storage
  • Fire resistance

Question 2: Is fire/water resistance important to you? Why or why not?

“For my personal use case, fire or water damage is very unlikely so it's not a priority.” – John

“I think fire and water resistance is important but it is not the only thing I look for when seeking out a safe. I want a strong warranty and a great solid safe that was well thought out to hold my collection of firearms.” – Kevin

“Fire and water resistance can be crucial to protect my firearms and other valuables in case of unforeseen events like fires or floods. These features help prevent damage to the contents of my safe during emergencies, ensuring the longevity of firearms and important documents stored inside.

But, this is also not a MUST have. Nice to have - yes, required - no.” – Carly

Key Takeaways

The key takeaway when it comes to fire/water resistance? Our experts had varied answers on this one. We can sum it up by saying that for many hunters, fire/water resistance is a welcome feature for their gun safe, but definitely not the most important thing they look for. As Carly so aptly put it, “Nice to have – yes. Required – no.”

Question 3: What are your thoughts on high-tech features such as biometric fingerprint scanners, Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, and smartphone apps?

“I really like the concept of biometric safes. It makes me feel like it's safer locked away. Although I'm not familiar with how reliable the technology is. But I'm definitely in favor.” – John

“I try to stay away from these kinds of high-tech items on my safe. I want it simple and easy and not built with a tremendous amount of technology.” – Kevin

“I love a good high-tech feature, but basics are always best. I’m all for biometrics, Bluetooth connectivity and apps, but who REALLY needs all the pizazz?” – Carly

Key Takeaways

Our experts were split on this one, too! While they appreciate the extra level of security and quick access these high-tech features can provide, they also saw the value in keeping it simple with more traditional access methods and less bells and whistles.

Question 4: If you had to choose your top 3 most important gun safe features, what would they be?

“Minimal size for easy store, heavy so it's difficult to steal by an intruder, concealability. Maybe something like a floor safe or in-wall safe hidden in plain sight.” – John

“I look for solid walls, a secure door and an easy-to-use lock that works for old eyes.” – Kevin

“The most important features I look for when buying a gun safe are security and size. I want a good locking system to deter unauthorized access and I want adequate space for current and future firearm storage needs.” – Carly

Key Takeaways

According to our hunting experts, the top most important gun safe features are:

  • Proper size for storage needs
  • Good locking system with quick and easy access
  • Strong security/anti-theft features

Question 5: Are there additional storage solutions or accessories you find particularly beneficial?

“A vehicle safe, something concealed would be great.” – John

“I like extra pistol storage on the doors and rifle storage with one or two extra shelves.” – Kevin

“Dehumidifiers, interior lighting, and pistol racks and/or door organizers are great. I like to prevent moisture buildup and protect my firearms from rust. Interior lighting always helps visibility when accessing the safe in low-light conditions. I’m also super organized and love extra pistol racks and door organizers to optimize space!” – Carly

Key Takeaways

Our experts mentioned the following as additional storage solutions they find beneficial:

  • Customizable storage options such as additional pistol storage and adjustable shelves
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Interior safe lighting
  • Concealed storage for vehicles

Thank you to our experts

A huge thank you to our hunting experts for providing their insights for this article. Make sure you go check out their websites!

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