Volta high-quality watch winders


Named after the Italian word for time, Volta has been designed to keep your watches wound perfectly to help you keep time accurately. Volta watch winders ensure that your luxury watches are never overwound and they always keep to a precise number of turns. Your watch will always have the right time, regardless of whether you are wearing it.


For over 30 years, Volta has made its name in the watch winder industry be consistently crafting excellent products utilizing only materials of the highest quality. Volta engineers take these materials and turn them into the luxury watch winders and safes that you know and love. Not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about your winder dying on you, these things are built to last.


Volta features distinct pieces that range from rustic wood finishes to carbon fiber exteriors. Not to mention, you’ll find watch winders in every size from single winders to multiple winders. If you’re looking for a winder with extra storage, then look no further than a Volta piece which will make an excellent addition to your mantlepiece.

Here are some Volta pieces to keep an eye out for:


  • Volta Single Watch Winder - A rustic brown finish with a black leather interior makes this single watch winder one of the most affordable and high-quality Volta winders available. Clockwise, counterclockwise and a combination of both settings make this a perfect option for any watch owner.


  • Volta Double Watch Winder - With a rotating base and a carbon-fiber finish, this double watch winder is the perfect choice to house your watches.


  • Volta Triple Watch Winder - It’s not easy to find the perfect triple watch winder, but Volta has made one. A gorgeous ebony or rosewood finish is just the icing on the cake with this winder.


  • Volta Multi-Watch Winder - This Volta 24 watch winder features a subtle and sophisticated carbon fiber-finish that makes it a luxury winder and an aesthetically pleasing piece.



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    Damaged from shipping

    Safe appears to be very well built, think the bolts could be a little more solid. Safe arrived with a dent in it and a corner of the safe had a small crack in the metal which I am concerned about. Considering it is a fire rated safe also makes me question the durability of the safe knowing the metal became compromised from what appears to be minimal shipping damage.

    Vaultek RS500i

    The price was great and the safe arrived in great shape along with accessories that were purchased. Quick turnaround on the order. Definitely will be doing business again with Armadillo.

    Bet good product

    You Get What you Pay for, So Very True

    This safe is spectacular....... After a long search and a great deal of research, I can't be happier with my decision. Your not going to be able to cut this monster is half with a circular saw, I actually watched a utube video of someone performing that on the first safe I purchased from Wal-Mart which I quickly return the same day it arrived ($149.00). The Continental is a beast. To say I would recommend this for any home owner is an understatement. I Thank you. Enjoy the Day.....

    Beautiful product and excellent service!

    Gorgeous watch box, built beautifully with amazing attention to detail and finishing. And a special shoutout to the support team for answering my questions and keeping me appraised on the details of the back order. Five star service!!