Volta high-quality watch winders


Named after the Italian word for time, Volta has been designed to keep your watches wound perfectly to help you keep time accurately. Volta watch winders ensure that your luxury watches are never overwound and they always keep to a precise number of turns. Your watch will always have the right time, regardless of whether you are wearing it.


For over 30 years, Volta has made its name in the watch winder industry be consistently crafting excellent products utilizing only materials of the highest quality. Volta engineers take these materials and turn them into the luxury watch winders and safes that you know and love. Not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about your winder dying on you, these things are built to last.


Volta features distinct pieces that range from rustic wood finishes to carbon fiber exteriors. Not to mention, you’ll find watch winders in every size from single winders to multiple winders. If you’re looking for a winder with extra storage, then look no further than a Volta piece which will make an excellent addition to your mantlepiece.

Here are some Volta pieces to keep an eye out for:


  • Volta Single Watch Winder - A rustic brown finish with a black leather interior makes this single watch winder one of the most affordable and high-quality Volta winders available. Clockwise, counterclockwise and a combination of both settings make this a perfect option for any watch owner.


  • Volta Double Watch Winder - With a rotating base and a carbon-fiber finish, this double watch winder is the perfect choice to house your watches.


  • Volta Triple Watch Winder - It’s not easy to find the perfect triple watch winder, but Volta has made one. A gorgeous ebony or rosewood finish is just the icing on the cake with this winder.


  • Volta Multi-Watch Winder - This Volta 24 watch winder features a subtle and sophisticated carbon fiber-finish that makes it a luxury winder and an aesthetically pleasing piece.



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    Great buy

    Great safe. It was exactly as advertised. It is perfect for our needs.

    Hollon 22

    As advertise. 5 stars if it was,garage delivery.

    RS500i EDC Shelf 100% Width

    Love this safe!

    Granted, for its size it is expensive. But you get what you pay for. Looks nice in the bedroom, not an eyesore. Easy to set up, I had mine and my wife’s fingerprints in within a few minutes, connected to the app and adjusted some personal settings.

    Fingerprint verification and opening has been very dependable. Had a previous biometric safe that was inconsistent on reading fingerprints and have not had this issue within the first 2 months. I open it daily to ensure it is still functioning and there have been no hang ups.

    Accessories are cool and organization is a breeze. I have 2 pistols, double barrel tactical shotgun (DP-12) and an AR (mounted on the accessory door mount) and there is room to spare for gun accessories and ammo. I recommend the full shelf for additional organization. I have 50-rd drum magazines and 12 other magazines stores in the magazine holders. Looks very nice and quick access is important.

    Shipped safely and VERY fast from Armadillo! Excellent customer support too.

    Hello Mr. McLaughlin,
    Thank you for purchasing the Vaultek RS500i. We are pleased to hear you are happy with your new safe and with our service! We appreciate your review very much!
    Kind regards,
    Armadillo Safe and Vault Team

    Nice but could use better craftsmanship.

    The front of this was everything I expected it to be. After that, it was par. I expected it to be made firm and strong. The back has absolutely nothing done to it whatsoever it’s just plain pine wood. I will order again if their craftsmanship goes up.

    Hello Ms. Amber,
    Thank you for purchasing the Liberty Home Mini American Flag Case. We are pleased to hear the front was everything you expected! We appreciate your feedback about the back very much, having consumer insight is important for us!
    Kind regards,
    Armadillo Safe and Vault Team