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At Armadillo Safes we provide you with plenty of storage solutions to keep your watch collection safe, organized and intact!

Our aim is to provide quality items at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a remarkable Price-Match Guarantee, FREE Shipping on all orders, and great financing assistance from Klarna.

Whether you have a few favorite watches or are more of a serious collector, the way you store your watches is very important. Leaving valuable watches out in the open can leave them vulnerable to theft, and improper storage can lead to your favorite pieces ending up getting scratched or damaged.

Armadillo Safes personally researches and reviews each model that is offered, so you only choose from the best products available. We have diligently worked on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors such as Volta, Diplomatand Hollon.

We carry a broad selection of Watch Cases in different price categories that allow you to store anywhere between 6 and 20 watches. Therefore, whether you have one special family heirloom or wall full of timepieces, we have what you need. Our knowledgeable team members are always willing to help you find a Watch Case that will perfectly suit your watch collection.

Watch Cases allow you to store your watches facing up which prevents the crystals from becoming scratched, dulled, or even cracked. These cases also do a great job protecting your watches from dust, bugs, humidity, and moisture (an enemy that can cause the oils to coagulate and lose their lubricating properties resulting in serious damage).

Asides from the protection, some of these cases have see-through carbon fiber tops that make it easy for you to choose the best one to go with your outfit when getting ready. These storage options are elegant and can be left out on a chest or bedside table without looking out of place or interfering with the room décor. Their beautifully aesthetic designs and wide variety of finishes are meant to display your favorite pieces while having the look and feel of an art piece themselves.

Our stock includes a wide selection of colors and wood finishes like Ebony and Mahogany. These Watch Cases have removable trays for maximum space usage that can also be used to hold jewelry. Their lush interiors, made of high quality Leather or Suede, are meant to keep your watches scratch free and dent free, so that even after years of usage they will still look as fabulous as the day you bought them.


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    Hasn't been broken into yet...

    So I can't comment on the actual function of the safe. It appears to be very well made and for a safe, is quite attractive. Good fit and finish, smooth operation and so far no problem. If nothing else I have enhanced peace of mind

    Great safe

    Received safe very fast shipping, great safe I love it. Also ordered inside door panel but didn’t receive hardware to install it on the door. Armadillo contacted Vaultek but Vaultek is very slow at sending out hardware. Vaultek could learn a lot from Armadillo’s customer service.

    Small but just right

    It's the best vault anyone can buy. It's not a high price because u pay for what you are getting. Customize how ever you want it. Fits five rifles in front and 1 in the door. Many choices. Just pay a little more for the add-ons.

    Great service

    Fast and speedy service, they got the item out within 12 hours, shipping info provided, packaging good.

    Prompt shipping, awesome product

    Safe is very high quality and exceeded my expectations, most secure small safe I have seen at this price point with an electronic lock that can’t be easily defeated or bypassed. For my purposes I was concerned more with unauthorized access than theft, so this fits the need perfectly.