Gifts For Watch and Jewelry Collectors

Let’s face it, for watch aficionados, their passion goes above and beyond the watch itself. Their beloved pieces are more than just an instrument of time, they´re a whole mood and lifestyle.

Centuries of detailed craftsmanship, feats of engineering and immaculate hard work by artisan makers, have elevated humble wrist watches to a true symbols of luxury. Watches and fine jewelry offer a romantic link to the past; and a reminder that the impeccable beauty of handmade timepieces is a world away from this era, where there is such a focus on disposable items.

Making sure that these treasures are properly taken care of and stored, is a way of honoring the soul and essence of these fine works of art. Our Watch Winders, Cases and Jewelry boxes, offer not only functionality but also quality and beauty.

Taking into consideration a wide array of budgets, finishes and brands, Armadillo Safes has put together a precisely tuned selection of items that will definitely allow you to find the perfect gift to get your beloved one's heart ticking.


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    Great Vault

    Delivered as promised

    Wrong serial number and banged the hell up

    Sturdy built

    It is very nice quality and has held up great so far. It is extremely rugged and definitely built for extremes. The only knock I have is if you have a full size gun or larger gun it can get tight to close. But I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    Awesome portable safe

    The lifepod 2.0 is a great product shipping was very fast


    My first big safe, took a while to arrive due to COVID I was told, but they even knocked a few dollars off. Safe itself is awesome. Packaged very well. No issues in delivery, took about 4 days, driver was super cool. Couldn’t have been a better experience. Love this company and will spread the word. They have my business for sure. Every time I called or wrote they would either call me back soon or write back quick.