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Quad Watch Winders

Quad Watch Winders

At Armadillo Safes, we believe in stocking only the best of the best when it comes to watch winders — that’s why our quad watch winders are some of the highest quality winders in the industry. It’s common knowledge that automatic watches are powered by the kinetic energy that results from the watch wearer’s movements. That said, when the watch isn’t being worn, it needs to be wound in order to keep its time. Our quad watch winder collection is filled with a variety of watch winder brands including the top brands' WOLF, Volta, Diplomat, and Pangaea.

If you’re looking for a quad watch winder with storage, we’ve got you covered.

If you want a quad watch winder that will draw the attention of everyone who enters the room, we’ve got you covered.

If you want — well, you get the picture. Our quad watch winder collection features watch winders that will meet the needs of any collector, regardless of what they’re looking for. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the best winders in our collection depending on what you might be looking for!


Best Quad Watch Winder on a Budget

Finding a great quad watch winder on a budget just got a lot easier. The Diplomat 34-504 Black Leather Quad Watch Winder is an excellent choice for any collector who wants a winder that doesn’t skimp on quality or hurt your bank account. This quad watch winder achieves these feats easily. In fact, this Diplomat winder features a leather exterior, microfiber suede interior, and smart internal bi-directional timer control. What else can you want?

Best Quad Watch Winder with Storage

The Rapport London 4 Watch Mariner’s Chest is more than just a watch winder — it’s the perfect place to store not only your most valuable watches but also other pieces of jewelry that you wish to keep safe. With a gorgeous mahogany finish and butterfly doors, this chest makes an excellent addition to any mantlepiece. Each winder has it’s own individual controls which allows you to ensure that every watch gets the special treatment. With this quad watch winder, you can’t go wrong.

Best Traditional Quad Watch Winder

Like the best traditional quad watch winder, the Volta - 31570041 4 Watch Winder is made to please watch collectors who are looking for a winder that will do exactly what they want it to. This winder delivers on that promise — and more. With 8 LED lights to illuminate the interior of this winder, Japanese Mabuchi motors ensure durable and dependable winding, and an LCD screen lets you control every aspect of this winder with the touch of a button.

Best Modern Quad Watch Winder

So, you own a luxury watch. Why not find a watch winder that combines 21st-century style and top-notch quality products? The Volta 31570042 4 Watch Winder makes this dream a reality. This rosewood finished quad watch winder features a white LED-lit interior, an LCD display, and a deep grey interior — all of which make it the perfect quad winder for a collector with modern tastes.


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