Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors who are experts in the field of meticulously engineered top quality Jewelry Chests, Jewelry Armoires, Watchcases and Watch Winders.

One of these brands is Diplomat.

Timeless quality fine jewelry pieces or a high-end luxury watches are not just things to have for collections or brag about, these items are expensive, valuable and attractive. They deserve constant care and proper subsistence.

At Armadillo Safes our aim is to provide quality and luxurious products at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a remarkable Price-Match Guarantee, FREE Shipping on all winders, and great Financing Assistance from Klarna. We also personally research and review each model we offer so you only choose from the best products available.

Diplomat has a wide selection of Jewelry Chests, Armoires and Watchcases to keep your treasures protected and safely stored. The brand offers a wide selection of hardwoods and wood finishes like Mahogany, Cherry Wood, Teak Wood, Black Wood and Burl Wood. They also have a wide variety of colors available on the models made from aluminum, and models made from black carbon fiber. Their lush interiors include high quality Leather or Suede to keep your possessions protected, scratch free and dent free. The beautifully aesthetic designs see through tops, ultra-bright LED lit pieces and wide variety of finishes are meant to be display pieces in your office or home.

Diplomat specializes in the manufacture of Watch Winders for Automatic Watches. These watches consists of many small, complex mechanical parts that are very sensitive, due to this they need more attention and care than other watches. They also need to be worn to run smoothly. Not wearing your automatic watch for any given period of time means it will run down and end up losing power. Watch Winders are a perfect investment to prevent this

If you are looking for visually appealing, well-made and affordably priced winder unit, Diplomat is a great choice. They carry a full line of automatic Watch Winders in different price categories that include single winder, double winders, triple winders, quad winders, and bigger Watch Winders that can store anywhere between 6 to 9 watches. They use AC powered Silent Japanese Mabuchi motors, known for their quality, durability and acceptable sound level.

Therefore, whether your needs include keeping 9 automatic watches functioning perfectly or just storing your favorite one, Diplomat’s wide selection is ensured to meet your requirements and our Armadillo Safes team is always willing to help you find a solution tailored to your specific needs.