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Double Watch Winders

Watch winders are designed to keep automatic watches safe and “ON-TIME” even when you are not wearing them. Armadillo Safes has worked diligently on building rapport with the nation’s top brands and vendors, who are experts in the field of meticulously engineered Watch Winders like: Volta, Diplomat and Wolf.

At Armadillo Safes our aim is to provide quality and luxurious watch winders at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a remarkable Price-Match Guarantee, FREE Shipping on all winders, and great financing assistance from Klarna.

A high-end luxury watch is not just something to have for collections or brag about, they deserve constant care and proper subsistence. Automatic watches are designed to be worn frequently. The lubricants used for the complex mechanisms inside these timeless pieces, do not respond well to being stored inside a drawer and after not being worn for a given period of time it will eventually run down and end up losing power

Watch Winders are a perfect investment to prevent this and at Armadillo Safes we have what you are looking for. We offer a wide range of DOUBLE Watch Winders meticulously designed to keep your two favorite piece safe, protected and on time.

Our different brands and models tailor to your specific needs. Some of them come with a cover and some have drawers for additional storage that allows you to store jewelry or store more watches in the same winder.  Our selection includes winders made from Leather, Vegan leather, Carbon Fiber, Ebony Wood and Rose Wood. Our double winders are either AC/ DC 110/240v adapter or Battery operated and in some models the inside portion is lit by a white LED light that beautifully showcases both watches that are mounted onto the winder

Our beautifully crafted automatic watch winders will keep your favorite automatic watch wound and ready for when you need them.

Diplomat offers models starting at $109 that come with Japanese Mabuchi engines that are known for their quality, durability and acceptable sound level, they are very quiet. They have Internal Bi-Directional Timer Control and lush ultra-soft microfiber suede or smooth leatherette interiors to keep your watches scratch and dent free. These models also come with programmed settings for TPD – Turns Per Day, which prevents the winder from over-winding or straining its internal mechanisms.

Our selection also includes Volta intermediate models. Some of these provide additional storage with plush black leatherette holders that are very soft and can be compressed to accommodate different sized wrists. These watch winders feature programmed settings, which allow you to rotate your watch at a designated number of turns per day (TPD), and rotation direction that enables you to select a clockwise setting, a counterclockwise setting, or a combination of clockwise and counterclockwise revolutions, which makes this winder effective on 98% of all watches. These double winders can be locked using the supplied key to ensure the safety of your prized possessions and each one of them has its own serial number that can be registered online.

Our fanciest Double Watch Winders are hand made by WOLF(they have been making Watch Winders for almost two centuries!). These are high precision instruments that focus on the health of your watches with patented innovation. Winders made by WOLF are the only ones that actually count rotations – all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. These winders are covered by a 2-year warranty and can be traced to birth by its serial #. This ensures the highest commitment to quality, protection and style.

At Armadillo Safes We personally research and review each model we offer so you only choose from the best products available.