Premier Watch Winding Performance

Functioning as a smooth operator, a person must go with the flow and never stop. Performing at peak efficiency from start to finish. As a person you embody that, and live it every day, putting yourself out there for the world to see and for them to appreciate. It is something that comes naturally out in public, behind the scenes though it takes preparation and work. Others don’t see that, but they do admire and appreciate you when they see it. The WOLF watch winder collections offered through Lux follow that philosophy.

Premier Watch Winding Performance

Aside from timekeeping necessities for men, wearing a watch is an indispensable symbol of style and verve because they are limited on the jewelry they have available to wear. For women watches act as an accessory, complimenting bracelets with a layered look, or as a supplement to earrings and necklaces completing their ensemble helping accentuate their potential.

Common to all, watches define who individuals are. The health-conscious standout with their Fitbits. Society sees them as tracking steps and heart rates. Blue-collar workers are proud of their Timex. It’s disposable, and each nick it garners from banging it around adds its character, letting the world know that they are hard-working and striving to improve their lot in life.

The white-collar workers elevate themselves by graduating to higher quality timepieces. Bulova, Vincero, and Movado make their way into the collection. As the user joins the leadership team, or the boardroom the wrists find Cartier and Rolex as the appropriate statement to let the world know of their achievements

The Watch Winder

Graduating to more precise timepieces requires the user to follow proper maintenance protocols. Fortunately, WOLF watch winding devices exceed the industry standards. WOLF is a company that is steeped in heritage and has been trusted to deliver day in and day out to its clients since 1834. The WOLF collections understand the proper tension the mainsprings require, and how much your activity incorporates to that. Normal activity delivers about 50% tension to your mainspring, WOLF watch winders provide 80%-90%, ideal nurturing for your high precision timepieces. Additionally WOLF watch winders work on a 12-hour delay so your timepieces are able to release its mainspring energy naturally, and then begin to torque up when needed.

Their collections are portable so you are able to bring them with you on vacation or holiday. All their watch winders come with an international 110-240 volt adapter. They include the plug pins required in all countries, and they function quietly so your private time is left undisturbed.

WOLF watch winders work with low magnetization to avoid impacting your timepieces negatively. Timepieces are affected by flux density and become magnetized at 60 gausses, WOLF watch winders operate at about 4 gausses. They also operate by counting rotations, avoiding generic formatting.  Their operation function with an algebraic equation based on hours. These qualities ensure your needs are met, and keep your timepieces running at optimum efficiency, adding years to your watch.


WOLF Roadster Watch Winder

This collection offers a variety of options for the user. Starting with the single winder and offering up to an 8 winder model. Options include units with ample room for personal effects and jewelry. The WOLF Roadster is designed to emulate the look of a classic sports car interior, with aged polished wood trim, chromed wheels, and luxurious faux leather. Classic lines define a black pebble interior and LCD screen. The cover locks to protect your valuables while away. Settings allow the user to function between 300 and 1,200 TPD (turns per day). The operator can opt for clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bidirectional functions.


WOLF Axis Watch Winder

The WOLF Axis collection offers the user the same functioning options as the WOLF Roadster collection. LCD screen and locking capabilities. The Axis has a bold and sleek design that is reminiscent of a retro rock and roll attitude. The powder-coated metal against the perforated copper sheet tie in the feel of nostalgia with a modern attitude of perfection. Also portable, the user can bring any WOLF Axis piece along as a maintenance accessory, and appreciate the way the design adds character to the room. Whether needed for performance, or style and looks, you can count on the WOLF watch winders to perform above your standards.


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    Great buy

    Great safe. It was exactly as advertised. It is perfect for our needs.

    Hollon 22

    As advertise. 5 stars if it was,garage delivery.

    RS500i EDC Shelf 100% Width

    Love this safe!

    Granted, for its size it is expensive. But you get what you pay for. Looks nice in the bedroom, not an eyesore. Easy to set up, I had mine and my wife’s fingerprints in within a few minutes, connected to the app and adjusted some personal settings.

    Fingerprint verification and opening has been very dependable. Had a previous biometric safe that was inconsistent on reading fingerprints and have not had this issue within the first 2 months. I open it daily to ensure it is still functioning and there have been no hang ups.

    Accessories are cool and organization is a breeze. I have 2 pistols, double barrel tactical shotgun (DP-12) and an AR (mounted on the accessory door mount) and there is room to spare for gun accessories and ammo. I recommend the full shelf for additional organization. I have 50-rd drum magazines and 12 other magazines stores in the magazine holders. Looks very nice and quick access is important.

    Shipped safely and VERY fast from Armadillo! Excellent customer support too.

    Hello Mr. McLaughlin,
    Thank you for purchasing the Vaultek RS500i. We are pleased to hear you are happy with your new safe and with our service! We appreciate your review very much!
    Kind regards,
    Armadillo Safe and Vault Team

    Nice but could use better craftsmanship.

    The front of this was everything I expected it to be. After that, it was par. I expected it to be made firm and strong. The back has absolutely nothing done to it whatsoever it’s just plain pine wood. I will order again if their craftsmanship goes up.

    Hello Ms. Amber,
    Thank you for purchasing the Liberty Home Mini American Flag Case. We are pleased to hear the front was everything you expected! We appreciate your feedback about the back very much, having consumer insight is important for us!
    Kind regards,
    Armadillo Safe and Vault Team