Is the Vaultek DS2i Smart Station the most innovative gun safe of 2023?

Here at Armadillo, we are always on the lookout for exciting new products. And we have to say, the Vaultek Smart Station is the most feature-packed safe we’ve ever seen! With a small footprint and a price of under $500, the Smart Station is built with all the bells and whistles at a budget-friendly price. When you get a rundown of some of the key features of this safe, we bet you’ll agree!

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Best in class innovation

Wireless phone charger and USB ports

Simply drop, charge and go. Yes, it is that easy to wirelessly charge your phone with the Vaultek Smart Station. No other gun safe on the market today has this incredibly innovative feature.

If your phone does not have the ability to charge wirelessly, simply plug it into one of the USB/USB-C charging ports on the back of the safe and you are good to go!

The Smart Station is built to center around your life and we love the charging station functionality. Instead of your gun safe being relegated to the back of a closet somewhere, the Smart Station can not only sit out in the open, but it comes with these types of additional functions that make it useful way beyond just safely storing your firearms.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Entry methods galore

The Vaultek Smart Station comes with all the most high-tech entry methods available, including:

  1. Biometric fingerprint scanner
  2. Smart SenseTM digital keypad
  3. Manual back-up keys
  4. Remote access via Bluetooth 2.0 app
  5. Nano keys (sold separately)

Essentially, you can completely tailor your Smart Station experience to whichever entry method(s) suit you best for quick access. Find Bluetooth access sketchy? You can choose to enable or disable that functionality depending on your preference, no problem.

Want a higher level of security access? Simply set up Dual Entry Mode, which requires you to input both your digital keypad code AND scan your fingerprint to open the safe.

The Vaultek Smart Station’s entry methods are built to provide the user with the highest possible security available on the market today, while still keeping your convenience in mind.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

LED touchscreen display

Yes, you read that correctly, the Vaultek Smart Station comes with an LED touchscreen display, allowing you to manage your safe by simply tapping the screen on the feature you wish to access. So, along with displaying the time, temperature, humidity and important status indicators for your Smart Station, you can use the LED touchscreen (along with the hot keys inside the safe) to completely manage all your safe’s features. Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Customize your display to show/hide the clock, temperature, or humidity display
  • Change temperature to Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Adjust sound settings: High pitch, Medium pitch, Low pitch, or OFF
  • Adjust interior brightness settings: 100% brightness, 75%, 50%, 25%, and OFF
  • View/reset safe status indicators (tamper, low battery warning, open/closed, plugged/unplugged)

To have accessibility to all these features via an LED touchscreen display is next-level safe management. This is just another example of the innovative blend of technology and convenience the Vaultek Smart Station brings to market.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Remote safe management via Bluetooth app

For most people, their smartphone is for much more than texting and checking Twitter. You can manage all sorts of things from your smartphone these days, your security system being one of them. So, why not manage your safe the same way?

With the Vaultek Bluetooth 2.0 app, you can! As long as you are in Bluetooth range, you can completely manage your Smart Station from the convenience of your smartphone. This includes all aspects of safe management mentioned above for the LED touchscreen display PLUS the ability to access activity logs and open the safe remotely. Not bad, right?

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Appearance of a digital clock, functionality of an advanced smart safe

Lastly, let’s touch on the aesthetics, shall we? Because the Vaultek Smart Station takes the concept of concealment furniture to a whole other level.

Looking like a digital clock and available in 3 different colors to suit your taste, the Smart Station is built to fit into your life and your home. Whether you have it on your bedroom nightstand, office desk or in your RV, the Smart Station’s portability, low-profile appearance and small footprint make it a fantastic option for new and experienced gun owners alike.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Most innovative safe on the market? We think so!

With this array of features, in our opinion the Vaultek Smart Station is definitely the most innovative gun safe on the market today. And at a price point of less than $500, you are getting unmatched security, convenience and technology in one compact package.

For a full rundown of all the Vaultek Smart Station’s features, make sure to check out our Buyer’s Guide, filled with comprehensive information you won’t find anywhere else!

Already sold? Head on over to the Vaultek Smart Station product page to check it out!