Armadillo’s Top 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Biometric Safe

Here at Armadillo, we love a good biometric safe! The options are endless and the technology continues to evolve and improve.

With biometric safes becoming more and more commonplace, it is important to understand how to get the most out of your biometric scanner and ensure it is functioning properly for best results. Biometric scanners are there to help you obtain quick access to your firearms via a simple scan of your fingerprint, without having to remember key codes and combinations. So, Armadillo is here to help you get the most out of this awesome feature with our expert tips and tricks. Let’s go!

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Top 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Biometric Safe

Tip #1: Properly enrolled fingerprints

First and foremost, you need to make sure you set up your fingerprints properly in the system. That means following the manufacturer’s instructions to a “T”. Usually, you need to scan your fingerprint from a few different angles/positions to ensure it is being read correctly. Getting this piece right will save you the headache of failed scans and tamper status alerts down the road.

Tip #2: Wash (and dry!) your hands

Any time you use the biometric scanner – that includes initial setup – you need to make sure your fingers are clean and dry for best results. Dirt and moisture on your fingertips could affect the recognition of your fingerprints within the system. Also, it’s just good hygiene!

Tip #3: Be consistent with finger placement

Once your fingerprints are enrolled, you need to be consistent with where you place your fingers when you use your biometric scanner to open the safe. Odd or inconsistent finger placement or even pressing too lightly can result in a failed scan. Generally, if you focus on centering your fingerprint on the scanner and apply just a bit of pressure, you should be good to go.

Tip #4: Register multiple fingers

Most safes with the biometric scanner feature allow you to enroll multiple fingerprints. Make sure you take advantage of this great feature! You can enroll many different fingerprints and/or enroll multiples of the same fingerprints. This will help to increase your success rate and gives you options should you injure any of your fingers and not be able to use them for the scanner.

For a little context, Armadillo carries many safes, such as the brand new Vaultek Smart Station that allow you to enroll up to 20 fingerprints. So, there is lots of room in these systems for you to scan (almost) as many fingers as you like!

Tip #5: Periodic re-enrollment

Did you know that factors like aging, physical labor and skin conditions can affect your fingerprints? Well, they can! And, as such, the accuracy of your fingerprint scans can go down over time. As a precaution, it’s a good idea to keep on top of this by periodically re-enrolling your fingerprints before you start to have any issues.

Tip #6: Battery maintenance

This is a pretty easy one – we know you’ve got this! Weak or dead batteries could result in failed scans so, just as with any battery-powered device, you need to periodically check your batteries to ensure optimal performance. A great tip here is to check your batteries on a regular schedule, such as when you check your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. Combining it with these other seasonal tasks will help you to remember!

Tip #7: Always have a backup access method

No matter what, always make sure you have a backup access method handy! Better yet, have multiple backup access methods handy! This is a good rule of thumb whether you are using a biometric scanner or any other access method. In case you encounter an issue that you can’t resolve quickly, you will have peace of mind knowing you can still access your safe in the meantime.

Tip #8: Keep the scanner clean

Remember our tip about washing your hands? Well, the same goes for your scanner. Dust and natural oils from your fingers can cause buildup on the scanner even with clean hands, so make sure to clean your biometric scanner regularly as per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure best results. Generally, a soft, lint-free cloth will do the job.

Tip #9: Test your system

Don’t wait until you need quick access to your safe to find out you have an issue with your scanner. Make sure you test your biometric system periodically to ensure everything is working properly. A great idea is to test your system when you test your batteries. If you keep up with it on a regular schedule, you won’t have to worry about something not working when you need it.

Tip #10: Keep the user manual handy

Keep your user manual in an easy-to-remember location (that part is key!) so you can refer to it if you are having any issues. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the support options on your manufacturer’s website. They usually have a ton of great information available, oftentimes even more than what is included in the manual itself.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

The Best Biometric Safes in the Biz

We hope you found our Top 10 tips helpful! If you are in the market for a biometric safe, Armadillo carries a wide selection of high-quality safes from top manufacturers to suit your needs. Check them out here.

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