Vaultek DS2i Smart Station: Concealment Furniture in Disguise?

One of the things we absolutely love about the Vaultek Smart Station is that it not only functions as an advanced smart safe but also as concealment furniture. Oftentimes with concealment furniture, you have to pick and choose between features like security, accessibility and size because what might work for your aesthetic won’t necessarily have all the other elements you want.

With the Vaultek Smart Station, you don’t have to choose, because you get top of the line features across the board, without sacrificing your home aesthetic.

Let’s get into some of the key factors to consider when selecting concealment furniture and see how the Vaultek Smart Station measures up.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault



When selecting concealment furniture, the main security focus is discreetly hiding your firearms rather than providing high level security features. However, it’s definitely a plus to have more security features built in for further protection.

The Vaultek Smart Station is absolutely jam-packed with security features, including:

  • 4 premium entry methods including a biometric fingerprint scanner, Smart SenseTM digital keypad, manual key and Nano Key 2.0 (sold separately)
  • Solid 18-gauge progressive formed steel construction
  • Anti-impact latch design
  • Anti-pry construction
  • Steel security cable
  • Accessory mounting plates (sold separately)

We love the focus on the solid construction Vaultek is known for, along with the enhanced entry methods and additional anti-theft protection. When it comes to security, the Vaultek Smart Station is definitely at the head of the pack.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault


As we mentioned in the section above, the focus with concealment furniture is generally on hiding your firearms in plain site. The point being, you have your guns close at hand should you require quick access to them. Usually, you can gain quick access to the safe by methods such as sliding a compartment or using a magnetic key.

The Vaultek Smart Station was designed with quick, secure access to your handgun in mind. With the four premium entry methods PLUS the option of remote access via your smartphone, the Smart Station provides a variety of access methods, giving you the flexibility you need to choose the best option for you.

We also love the silent slide action drawer with interior LED lighting, so you can safely and quietly access your belongings, even in dim lighting.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Storage capacity and size

You can get concealment furniture to fit almost any storage requirement. From picture frames to tactical walls to coffee tables, you can find a piece of concealment furniture that is generally as big or as small as you need.

The Vaultek Smart Station is a compact package with capacity for one 9” handgun and/or other small items. It is tailored to those who want to keep a small firearm nearby and easily accessible to protect themselves and their families. Its space-saving design is perfect for your bedroom nightstand or RV, where space is at a premium.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault


Concealment furniture is built with aesthetics top of mind so it can seamlessly blend in with your environment. It is all about offering a discreet and inconspicuous appearance.

The Vaultek Smart Station looks like a regular digital clock and even comes in three different colors: grey, white and black to fit your home color scheme. It keeps a low profile and blends right into your environment, whether you choose to place it on your nightstand, desk or anywhere else in your home.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault


Most concealment furniture is not portable as pieces tend to be large or, if they are a wall décor piece, need to be permanently affixed to the wall.

The Vaultek Smart Station’s compact size allows you to take it with you anywhere, so you can always keep high-level security and protection for your family close at hand. Whether you are heading out to the cabin for the weekend or going RVing, you can bring along the Smart Station for extra peace of mind.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Bonus: Technology and extra functions

While concealment furniture allows you to stealthily hide your firearms in plain site, it usually doesn’t offer much extra function. This is where the Vaultek Smart Station really stands out. Far beyond just acting as a digital clock, the Smart Station features an LED touch display, wireless phone charger, smartphone connectivity and real time status indicators. This is technology and function you will not find in any other concealment furniture piece on the market today.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Final thoughts

The Vaultek Smart Station really does check all the boxes for those looking for a compact concealment furniture piece. Not only does it have best-in-class security features not found in other concealment furniture items, but it has the quick accessibility you need while still keeping a low profile. A true investment piece, it is designed to fit your life with state-of-the-art technology and function.

Want to learn more about all the features included in the Vaultek Smart Station? Check out our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide where we discuss the features in more detail or head on over to the Vaultek Smart Station product page.