How to Pick a Gun Safe for your RV

Whether you are choosing a gun safe solely for your RV or want to find one that can do double duty between your home and RV, there are a few main factors to consider to ensure your safe can go the distance. Read on for our Top 5 Factors to consider when choosing an RV gun safe PLUS our Top 9 RV gun safe picks!  

Top 5 Factors to Consider

Size and weight

This is probably the most important consideration when choosing a gun safe for your RV since space is already at such a premium. Consider the available space in your RV and where you would ideally like to store your safe so that it is hidden but still provides easy access.

Do you have closet or drawer space available? Or, will the safe need to be out in the open? If you can’t store it out of sight, consider choosing a concealment furniture option.

The size and weight of your safe is also important for portability if you aren’t using your RV full time and want to move the safe into your house during the camping off-season.

Depending on the size of your RV and towing vehicle, you will also want to make sure your safe isn’t putting you over the weight capacity of your RV. This is very unlikely unless you are combining a very large safe with a very small RV or towing vehicle, but still something to keep in mind.

Secure mounting

Who among us has not ruined various items in their RV when driving in bumpy conditions? This is why secure mounting is so important, as having your gun safe bouncing around in your RV could cause some serious damage.

If choosing a wall-mounted safe, make sure it can be secured to the studs. RV walls are not made to hold much weight and not properly securing your safe to the wall studs will most likely leave you with a damaged wall. Prior to choosing a wall-mounted safe for your RV, make sure you check to see if it is the right size to fit your studs.

Small safes can often be safely stored in drawers or closets. Alternatively, you can use mounting hardware to keep them secured to a solid surface such as a countertop, nightstand or desk.

Larger safes that are meant to sit on the floor should be secured in a corner or closet where they cannot bounce around and damage your RV.

Durability and construction

Similarly to the above point, whatever gun safe you choose for your RV should be built with durable materials and solid construction so it can withstand the jostling around during travel. Look for features such as heavy-duty steel construction, reinforced hinges and a secure locking mechanism to ensure your safe can stand up to a little punishment on the road.

Security features

Security and anti-theft features should be top of mind when you are picking out a gun safe for your RV. You are in close quarters with your family so you want to make sure your safe is inaccessible to curious children and guests. Additionally, an RV doesn’t have the same security deterrents as your home so, in the event of a break-in, it is even more crucial to have your firearms safely secured but easily accessible.

Here are some of the most key security features to think about:

  • Visibility: Make sure your safe is hidden or consider concealment furniture to hide it in plain site.
  • Accessibility: Put your safe in an easily accessible location.
  • Entry methods: Some safes have one entry method and others have several – choose a method you feel comfortable with that also gives you adequate security. Common options include biometric locks, keypads, combination locks, magnetic keys and manual keys. Some safes, such as the Vaultek Smart Station, even have a Dual Entry setting for an added level of security.
  • Interior lighting: This is a great feature if you need to open your safe at night or in otherwise dim lighting, enabling you to see and access your firearms without fumbling around.
  • Anti-theft: Look for safes that have anti-theft features such as a steel security cable, mounting hardware and pry-resistant construction to make them more difficult for intruders to steal.

Fire and water resistance

This one is pretty self-explanatory and really is a matter of preference. If you are concerned about environmental risks like fire and water, you may want to look for a gun safe that offers fire and/or water resistance. Safes will explicitly state if they protect against fire and water damage so make sure, if this important to you, to look for that in the safe’s title/description. If this feature is not explicitly stated, your safe does not have it.

We hope this information helps you on your search for an RV gun safe. Now, check out our Top 9 Picks below for some more inspiration!

Armadillo’s Top 9 RV Gun Safe Picks

Top Overall Safe

Vaultek DS2i Smart Station: This advanced smart safe is one of our newest Vaultek products and definitely our top RV gun safe pick due to its security features, compact and portable size and overall functionality. Check out our Buyer’s Guide for the full rundown on this next generation smart safe.

Honorable mentions:

Hollon WSE-2114 Electronic Wall Safe: Compact wall safe that fits perfectly into RV closets.

Hollon WSE-2114 Electronic Wall Safe

Liberty Home No Quarter Given Concealment Flag: Concealment wall art that securely stores your firearms and shows off your patriotism. Available in several sizes.

Liberty Home No Quarter Given Concealment Flag


Liberty Home Freedom Series Concealment Coat Rack Medium: Beautiful hanging storage piece available in a variety of finishes.

Liberty Home Freedom Series Concealment Coat Rack Medium


Liberty Home 5x7 Picture Frame Safe: Small picture frame with hidden storage, available in a variety of finishes.

Liberty Home 5x7 Picture Frame Safe


Tactical Walls 1450 Sliding Mirror Bundle: Full-length wall mirror featuring two storage compartments, available in a variety of finishes.

Tactical Walls 1450 Sliding Mirror Bundle


Hollon HS-530WE 2-Hour Home Safe: Heavy-duty safe with maximum fire, water and impact protection.

Hollon HS-530WE 2-Hour Home Safe


Vaultek MX Large Capacity Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe (Non-Biometric): Large capacity, rugged safe with Bluetooth connectivity.

Vaultek MX Large Capacity Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe (Non-Biometric)


Vaultek Barikade Series 1 Biometric: Heavy duty, compact safe with optional biometric entry.

Vaultek Barikade Series 1 Biometric