Vaultek DS2i Smart Station: Understanding and protecting your safe

When you first receive your Vaultek Smart Station, there are going to be a lot of bells and whistles you want to check out. There are so many features, it can be overwhelming to know where to start with setting it up.

So, we wanted to put together a short guide to help you both get acquainted with your new Smart Station and help you protect your investment.

Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Getting to know your safe

The day is here – your Vaultek Smart Station has been delivered! Congratulations! Now for the fun part – getting it all set up! Make sure you set aside a decent chunk of time and follow along with our Step-by-Step guide to get to know your safe and get all the basic functions set up:

  1. If you haven’t already, figure out where your safe will be located. Unbox it and make sure it will fit your selected location.
  2. Give your safe a good look to get your bearings and see where everything is located. Plug it in.
  3. Read your manual to get familiar with your safe and its functions.
  4. Test your wireless phone charger (we know you’ve been dying to do this!).
  5. Test your USB/USB-C ports.
  6. Set the time and select Celsius or Fahrenheit for your temperature using the LED touch display.
  7. Replace the default code with a new master code using the Smart SenseTM digital keypad.
  8. Program your fingerprints using the biometric scanner feature.
  9. Put your manual keys in a safe, secure place.
  10. Set up your Nano Key 2.0 (if applicable, sold separately).
  11. Set up your Bluetooth 2.0 smartphone app (if desired).
  12. Customize the other settings such as sounds and screen brightness using the LED touch display and/or Bluetooth 2.0 app.
  13. Install mounting hardware and secure your safe (sold separately, more on this below).
  14. Attach steel security cable (more on this below).
  15. Register your safe. for access to extended warranty, additional technical support and so you can easily order replacement keys.

Protecting your safe

You’ve done it! You’ve taken the time to get to know the functions of your Vaultek Smart Station. Now, make sure you consider taking these additional steps to protect your investment:

  1. Register your safe! Yes, we realize we already mentioned this above, but it only takes a few minutes and is an essential step in both protecting your investment and getting the most out of your safe.
  2. Tether your safe with the included steel security cable. While this seems simple, it is a powerful theft deterrent offering enhanced protection for both your safe and its valuable contents.
  3. Consider using mounting hardware to secure your safe in place. Like the steel security cable, mounting your safe is a powerful theft-deterrent. Choose between the desk mounting plate for standard mounting atop nightstands, desks and countertops, or the under desk mounting plate for a more hidden look.
  4. Give your Vaultek Smart Station “check-ups” bi-annually just to make sure everything is functioning properly. A great tip is to do this on the same schedule as you check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors – once in the spring and once in the fall. Make sure your keycode and fingerprint scans are working and just check the overall functionality of your safe. This way you can take appropriate and timely action to correct any issues that may arise.
Vaultek Smart Station - Armadillo Safe and Vault

Final thoughts

Whether you have already purchased your Vaultek Smart Station or are just searching for a little more intel before you make your buying decision, we hope this article gave you a better idea of what to expect.

Still deciding and want to learn more? Make sure to check out our Vaultek Smart Station Buyer’s Guide, filled with comprehensive information you won’t find anywhere else!

Or head right on over to the Vaultek Smart Station product page for pricing!