6 Recommendations Before Buying 4 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet

A metal filing cabinet can keep your files and documents organized. But, if a fire breaks out, all your important documents will burn along with the cabinet. If you want protection for your files and other valuable items, get a 4 drawer fireproof file cabinet.

Before you run out and buy, take note that this type of cabinet is very expensive. Many of you are probably having doubts if you really need a fire and waterproof file cabinet. You don’t need to worry since there are a few recommendations when buying a fireproof file cabinet.

Here are some of the things that you should know before getting yourself a fireproof cabinet.

Buying a 4 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet

  1. Do You Need a Big File Cabinet?

    This type of cabinet has four drawers so it’s a bit big and it takes up a lot of space. You can always opt for a 2 drawer fireproof file cabinet or just a simple safe depending on your preference.

    A 4-drawer cabinet is only applicable if you have a lot of important documents and valuable items to keep. It might be a file cabinet, but you can store other valuable items inside. You can put your jewelry and old pictures inside the cabinet.

    Here are few things to keep in mind if you want to know if a 4-drawer cabinet is right for you:

    • Check all the documents and files that you have. If you have piles of paper works that you need to keep or documents for your business, then getting a big drawer is the best choice.
    • You need to figure out the other things that you will put inside the cabinet. Make a list of all the items that you want to put in your fireproof cabinet and make an estimate.
    • You need to have enough space to get a big file cabinet. You will have to bolt the cabinet on the floor so you need to have enough space in your room.
    1. It Can’t Protect Data and Media Files

    A fireproof file cabinet provides resistance to fire. But, it doesn’t’ protect everything inside. A file cabinet is made specifically for paper files. All your data and media stored in CDs, DVDs, computer disks, tapes, and USB might be damaged.

    You need a data/media safe to protect your USB files. They are very sensitive to moisture and heat so a normal fireproof cabinet will not provide the safety features to keep them intact.

    A normal fireproof cabinet will keep a temperature of 350 degrees and below. This is just enough to protect the paper against fire. Media files are different because they will get destroyed at 135 degrees.

    1. Look for a Great Design

      It’s not as important as the other recommendations, but it won’t hurt to choose a great design for your file cabinet. Since you are buying a big cabinet, you should look for a design that fits your interior.

      Compared to smaller safes, your cabinet will be placed in the open. It will be positioned alongside other items in your room or office.

      The good thing is most file cabinets now come in different designs. There are different color schemes as well so you have many options to choose from.

      1. Choose a Top Brand

      You are looking for a fireproof file cabinet to protect important files. Since protection is your main goal, it won’t be a good idea to look for cheap brands.  

      Fireproof file storages are very straightforward when it comes to price. If it’s expensive, it means that the cabinet is made from durable materials.

      Here are the top brands that you can consider when buying a fireproof file cabinet:

      • Phoenix Safe International
      • FireKing Security Group
      • Chubbsafes
      • Hollon Safe Company
      • Union Safe
      • Honeywell
      • First Alert

      Just check out these top brands and you’ll figure out what you need. They have a wide range of safes, file cabinets, and vaults.

      1. Security Features

        You should know that not all fireproof cabinets are created equal. There are file cabinets that only provide fire resistance. Some file cabinets also provide waterproofing features on top of the fire resistance. There are also models with more protection against burglary and theft. They usually include a burglary alarm.

        Basically, having all these features would make the file cabinet more expensive. Before you buy, you should think about the security features that you need.

        Is there something inside your file cabinet that burglars would want to steal? Are you planning to put other high-value materials aside from your documents?

        You should never decide based on the price. Always pay attention to the security features.

        1. Type of Lock

        Modern fireproof file cabinets are now using different types of locks. If you plan to buy a 4 drawer fireproof file cabinet for your home or office, here are some of the locks that you should look at:

        • Key Locks: This is the most widely-used lock for a fireproof cabinet. You should know that they usually use high-security Medeco locks and some use a plunger lock. The best choice would be a Medeco high-security lock as it offers tamper-resistant and better overall security.
        • Electronic Locks: If you have a business, electronic locks would be your best option. You can change the lock combination anytime you want. However, this type of lock is more expensive than a traditional key lock.
        • Combination: A lot of modern fireproof cabinets also have a combination of locks. It means that you can open it with a key or use the electronic lock.

        Final Thoughts

        A 4-drawer fireproof cabinet is big and heavy. It is perfect for any normal household or office, especially if you have a lot of high-value items.

        Having a big file cabinet gives you the liberty to keep whatever items you want to protect. You don’t need to settle for anything less. As long as you have the budget, then buy a bigger file cabinet with better security features.

        If you want to look for top-quality file cabinets and safes, you have a lot of options to choose from.