Top 7 Best Biometric Gun Safes of 2021

Top 7 Best Biometric Gun Safes of 2021

Top 7 Best Biometric Gun Safes of 2021


Safety is the number one priority for most human beings. One of the best ways to assure yourself of a reasonable degree of safety is to purchase a working firearm that would serve the dual purpose of outdoor activities like hunting and being used if the need be. However, getting a gun is probably going to be the least of your concerns, you would still need to learn how to fire the gun, how to maintain the gun, and how to properly conceal it from friends and family members that could potentially harm themselves. That's where the usefulness of a proper biometric gun safe comes into play.

Gone are the days when getting a gun would have been summarily stuck out. Now, most states have gun-friendly legislation, as long as they are possessed lawfully. That's why you can purchase a firearm with such ease so far as you pass a background test. However, now that you've gotten your gun, that's only the beginning of the journey. A biometric gun safe is an awesome way to store your treasured firearm. What's more, you are granted safety, you are assured cleanliness, and you can go to work knowing that there's a slim chance of a mischievous person cracking the code. There are so many biometric safes on the market, it all boils down to what exactly you need. But we will narrow your options in the smoothest way possible. Behold, the seven best biometric gun safes for the year 2021.

The 7 Best Biometric Gun Safes for You

It took a while to compile this list, the reason being that there are hundreds of noteworthy brands that provide such pristine features. However, we combed far and wide to get a list that ticks a couple of very important boxes, that's why once you go through this list you'll be in a better position to make that much-needed purchase. Without further ado, here are the seven best biometric gun safes for your gun storing needs:

1. VAULTEK RS500i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

VAULTEK RS500i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)


Powerful, large, versatile, and blessed with a next-level sleek exterior. The VAULTEK RS500i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric) isn't just a gun safe, it is safety personified. Thanks to some lovely features like the powerful Wi-Fi connectivity which lets you view live safe data and receive instant alerts for safe events right to your phone pretty conveniently, to the sizable interior which stores a record to 5-7 rifles, or 6-8 handguns, right up to the advanced anti-theft protection which includes but isn't limited to steel locking bolts, protection savvy bars, optimized interior hinges, and detailed detection for the perfect prevention against break-ins. Purchasing this sophisticated device, you'll be sure to be getting next-level quality and an assured level of safety which only a select few others possess. This lovely specimen has numerous safety modules, it takes the concept of you can never be too careful to the next level, and you'll be sure to be getting value for money. Click here.


  • Its padded interior makes for sleek storage
  • It houses a record number of firearms
  • It has a sleek business-like outlook
  • It is great for easy access
  • The WiFi feature is priceless


  • The smart key doesn't seem to work when the keypad goes to sleep
  • The interior lights could be improved

2. Vaultek NMXi Smart Safe (Biometric)

Vaultek NMXi Smart Safe (Biometric)


While it might not be as overly sophisticated as the first Vaultek on the list. The Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe's awesome features simply cannot be ignored whatsoever. This lovely invention has a couple of next-level features that are simply worth swooning over. It has a pretty large interior that can store up to eight handguns quite conveniently, this interior is made of carbon steel and features a durable finish to protect your guns from corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection. Then there's the WiFi technology brought to you by the Vaultek® Wi-Fi phone companion application, it ensures that you do not miss any important notifications anymore as you are operating your Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe. Do you think that's all? Certainly, you haven't checked out its unique interior specifications which is quite a bargain as you can whip out space from seemingly nowhere. Want to know more? Then you can click here. 


  • The fingerprint scanner is super sophisticated and responsive
  • The interior hinges can't be breached from outside
  • The WiFi feature is ultrafast
  • It includes backup keys
  • It is a geeks dream


  • None

3. Stealth Safes Biometric Handgun Hanger

Stealth Safes Biometric Handgun Hanger


What's the safest version of safe, and what are the things you look for in a gun safe to consider it "safe". Well, I'm pretty sure when you come in contact with the Stealth Safes Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe, you'll be best pleased and in a better position to answer those initial questions. This sophisticated device keys into simplicity are the best policy argument. That doesn't mean it doesn't have awesome features that can blow numerous competitors out of the water. Its noteworthy features include the solid steel construction, a 3/8″ thick 2-piece solid steel door which assures you of a pretty high level of safety and protection from pesky Intruders. Then there's the interior shelf located at the back of the safe which is pretty capable of storing an additional one large magazine or two small magazines. Then last but not least, we have a smooth interior that is perfectly lined with high-quality foam that there are no scratches on your most prized firearms and the likes. For more info, you could check out. 


  • There is a one-year warranty courtesy of Stealth
  • It conveniently holds multiple pistols
  • It has a 9v battery and power cord option
  • Registration of fingerprints is such a breeze
  • It can store up to 31 fingerprints


  • Interior lights could be worked on

4. Hollon WS-BIO-1 Biometric Wall

Hollon WS-BIO-1 Biometric Wall


It's time for us to run it back a little, you remember the good old days of wall safes right? Well, the Hollon WS-BIO-1 Biometric Wall Safe assures us of safety even when going retro, and the best part is that you are assured more than less the sophistication you get in other biometric gun safes with more modern outlooks. It doesn't just stick to the past, this product from Hollon has lovely features that could get a gun enthusiast pretty giddy with excitement. Such features include but are not limited to the biometric entry control system for ease of access, as gone are the days when you needed to manually operate everything, now you can simply gain access by getting your fingerprint scanned. Then there are the approximately .50 cubic feet of storage space, with a 1/4-inch steel door which ensures that your safe can store up to three firearms pretty conveniently without any fuss or what have you. Then we also have the awesome but not appreciated enough fact that this safe is made of heavy-duty gauge steel which makes it frankly difficult to penetrate and ultra-safe for users. Want to know about this unique invention, check out.


  • It has a classic outlook
  • It can store multiple firearms with consummate ease
  • The depth behind the keypad is 1-3/8


  • The outlook could be developed, it looks pretty ancient

5. Vaultek SL20i-CM Smart Safe

Vaultek SL20i-CM Smart Safe


Trustworthy, rugged, sophisticated, and ultrasound. The Vaultek SL20i-CM has earned its spot on our list for a reason. It has such enviable features as its quick access function which allows you to make use of your firearm without any fuss, thanks to the rapid deployment and signature three-point precision rail system with ball bearing guides. Then there's the universal car mount which is tastily furnished to ensure it can keep you incredibly safe wherever you are heading to. Last but certainly not least is the smart safe technology which it possesses, as this device assures you of a highly interactive experience from your smartphone with the Bluetooth® app. Using this, you'll be able to enjoy such things as viewing your battery levels, history log, check for tampering, and remotely unlock anytime you're in range. Click here.


  • The mounting system is unique
  • Its non-absorbent foam holster ensures there's no absorbing of moisture
  • The is a spare magazine holder
  • It ensures a quicker and better responsive experience
  • Multiple extra accessories come with the device


  • The lighting system could be significantly improved
  • The user manual needs some work

6. Stealth Safes SwiftVault 2.0 Biometric Pistol

Stealth Safes SwiftVault 2.0 Biometric Pistol


Thinking about purchasing class, thinking whether the sequel is better than the original, then we're sure that you wouldn't mind purchasing the Stealth Safes SwiftVault 2.0 Biometric Pistol Safe. This lovely invention is the latest in a long list of Stealth products that make us go simply wow. Its noteworthy features include the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner which simply takes sophistication to the next level as it majestically gets all the veins and contours of the user's hand before it registers it as an accessible member. Then there's the Interior Lining with High-Density Foam which is the perfect storage facility for your treasured firearm, as with this you do not have to bother about scratches or what have you, because it is perfectly safe. Furthermore, it would be doing a great disservice to you if we don't tell you about the Optional Silent Mode and Mute Switch which ensures that you don't even have to fuss about disturbing family or even alerting them to the fact that you have a crafty gun safe in place. It could all be so simple using the Stealth Safes SwiftVault 2.0 Biometric Pistol Safe. Still, in doubt? Click here.


  • It represents awesome value for money
  • It features solid steel construction
  • It has a 12 Gauge Steel Body and 14 Gauge Steel Door


  • It occasionally starts flashing green during setup

7. VAULTEK Pro VTi Full-Size Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe (Biometric)

VAULTEK Pro VTi Full-Size Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe (Biometric)


The last on our list, but certainly not the least as far as magnificent features are concerned. The VAULTEK Pro VTi Full-Size Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe (Biometric) earned its spot by being one of the brand's most impressive creations in recent memory. This lovely invention keeps up to the usual VAULTEK standard and even goes the extra mile in some functionalities. There's the anti-theft protection feature which is present in most Vaultek products which include interior installed hinges, and proper impact detection to foil the plans of over curious lots. That's not all, there's also the assured high capacity function which ensures that your safe can house not one, but two handguns depending on their sizes. Last but not least is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides power for up to three months, and charges in just about two and a half hours’ tops. Click here.


  • It has a superb sleek outlook
  • Its high-density closed-cell foam will not absorb moisture
  • Its internal mounted hinges cannot be breached from outside
  • It represents fantastic value for money
  • The phone companion app is a masterstroke


  • There's no noticeable flaw in this masterpiece

What is a Biometric Gun Safe?

Vaultek MX Series Vault


A biometric gun safe can be simply defined as the best creation ever made by man, for man. Okay, all jokes aside, a biometric gun safe is a foolproof gun storing apparatus that has next-level security features adequately designed to avoid Intruders from gaining access to your firearm. Such a biometric gun safe has a plethora of features that you should look out for before paying major cash for yours. It has noteworthy features like a biometric scan, password features, sleek design, and a smooth outlook. The reason for its sleek design is to ensure that no one even has the hunch that it is a gun storing device in the first place, because if they do the chances are high that they might find a way around your well-meaning security precautions. Also, it's super essential that there's a biometric scanning feature because that's simply the most secure way to go around such safety. The reason being that it is ultra-hard, if not impossible to compel you to undergo a face scan when you are wide awake without your express permission.

Biometric gun safes vary in shape and size, however, they all share a few basic features which have been stated earlier. It is super easy to find a gun safe anywhere in the market or worldwide web, however, it's better that you find a biometric one that would put all your firearm fears to rest (at least to a reasonable extent).

Why Choose a Biometric Gun Safe Over a Manual Safe?

Vaultek MX Series Vault


Don't get me wrong, there's some love for manual safes, especially if you are an old head that remembers the good old days. However, I cannot deny the fact that there are a super clear evolution and a shift in the tide of how things are done in the gun safe industry. With the advent of biometric gun safes, there's no reason why I won't take advantage of this new technology and open myself to much-needed peace of mind which I couldn't boast about a while back. So without much talking, let me just enumerate a few pros that biometric gun safes have over their manual counterparts.

  • Additional safety

This is a no brainer, there is a remarkable amount of additional safety assured to a gun owner that purchases a biometric safe over the manual one. Let's face it, guns must not get in the hands of the wrong people, and with the advent of the internet, this has never been more important. You need a safe ‘safe’, one that you can lock easily without getting scared that your little one would find the keys and blow off your favorite dog's head off, or vice versa. The biometric gun safe does just that because I don't see any lad breaching such sophisticated security apparatus. Congratulations, you have finally earned your much-deserved peace of mind.

  • Conspicuous

Only a fellow gun enthusiast would be able to identify a biometric gun safe, the rest would simply think that it's just another fancy box. This characteristic is super important these days that people can't seem to mind their business. However, most manual gun safes aren't exactly conspicuous, as you could tell them from a mile away. These days’ things are more sophisticated and we advise our readers to follow the tide, it's cooler getting a biometric gun safe than getting a dinosaur to house your treasured firearm. Think about it.

  • Ease of carriage

The average manual gun safe is bulky, just a few are convenient enough to carry almost everywhere you feel like. The same cannot be said about its more modern counterpart, as this has moved finely with the tide. A typical biometric gun safe is easy to transport, and super convenient to carry around just about anywhere. Honestly, that should be something that mobile gun owners should be looking at. Wouldn't it be precarious to get stuck, and the next thing on your mind is to look for how your gun safe could get ferried because it's such a buzz kill. Trust us, there's no way you'll go down that path with a biometric safe. It saves the day.

What Should a Buyer Think About When Purchasing?

Stealth Safes SwiftVault 2.0 Biometric Pistol


There are a couple of things that should be on the back of the mind of a firearm owner when he or she is purchasing a proper biometric gun safe. These are the things you should pay major attention to once you know that's the path you're going to take. As far as you pay attention to them, it's pretty doubtful that you'd make a mistake in the needed specifications, the otherwise could be detrimental to you and your firearm in either the short term or long run or both.

  • Locking Mechanism

Locking mechanisms are huge parts of every gun safe, be the gun safe manual or biometric. Each gun safe has a plethora of locking mechanism options, you could have a biometric gun safe that features all though. Such locking mechanisms include but aren't limited to fingerprint scanning, eye detection, normal passwords, number passcodes, and even the classic lock and key. However, looking at these, you must ensure that whichever one you choose isn't just fancy, it assures safety since that's the primary goal. It is advisable to set up as many of these options as you can get because you never can tell when your mind decides to forget a password that you've had for years, or your fingerprint scan starts acting up.  

  • Capacity

Enough emphasis can't be given to capacity; it won't be a smart venture to purchase a biometric gun safe which isn't the required capacity for your firearm. Biometric gun safes are essentially electrical appliances; hence they could malfunction if they aren't taken care of properly. That's why the least you owe yourself, your firearm, and the people you're trying to protect, is to purchase a safe that would contain the firearm easily. Don't settle for smaller, and try to avoid going for the bogus. There's hardly any firearm safe size that you wouldn't find on the internet or in person, all you need to do is look a little harder and there you go. Doing the opposite is worse than doing nothing at all.

  • Size and Weight

No one wants something that would be hell to carry about, because most firearm owners make a habit of carrying their "babies" anywhere they are permitted to. Hence, it's only proper that you find one which is light enough to maneuver, and big enough to subtly strike fear into the hearts of potential never do goods. There is an array of such in the market, like I said before, all you need is to look a little harder if you don't find it initially. There's a little something for just about anyone, and you shouldn't compromise your comfort or safety.

What is the Best Way to Use a Biometric Gun Safe?

Stealth Safes Biometric Handgun Hanger


A biometric gun safe isn't just the typical box that you could stash your firearm in, and not care about the care, maintenance, and that have you. This device needs proper care so that it won't malfunction and you can get the most out of your investment. Here are a few tips to follow, to ensure that you make the most of your biometric gun safe.

  • Don't expose to water

This is essentially an electrical appliance, and we know that electrical appliances and liquid do not go hand in hand. No matter the temptation, resist the urge to consume beverages beside your safe because you never can tell. If it is exposed to fluids, this could lead to a significant malfunction which would render the machine useless, and rather unsafe to use. The worst-case scenario is that the biometric gun safe loses its safety feature, and the best-case scenario is that you would spend quite some money in patching it up to a reasonable extent.

  • Read the instruction manual and Input all the needed security modes

A biometric gun safe is unique in more ways than I can state, it is superb because it doesn't stick to just one safety mode. Also, you would be open to a world of possibilities, the only limitation being your reluctance to benefit fully or otherwise. This gun safe doesn't only have the eye scan feature, there's also a password feature, and a couple of other stuff depending on the biometric gun safe that you purchase. That's why we always advise, do not rush once you've made the purchase, honestly, it is all yours. Just take your time to go through the instructions, and let your firearm enjoy its new home.

  • Do not force it

Gun safes come in different shapes and sizes, that's why we will give you very salient advice just about now. Never force a gun into a biometric gun safe that seems to be too small to conveniently accommodate it. This won't only look comical, it could also permanently ruin the safe, make you waste valuable money in possible repairman expenses, and guess what "the biometric gun safe would never be the same". So don't hesitate in doing proper research before purchasing your safe, make sure that it's a perfect size. So that you would avoid stories that touch.


It's no news that technology has been involved in ways never before expected. The world is in a very different place than it was in the past decade, so many industries have been affected rather positively, and the gun safe industry certainly wasn't left untouched.

In terms of safety, there's no doubt that the biometric gun safe does the trick. In terms of affordability, it hardly leaves anything to be desired. In terms of accessibility, let's just say that the internet is one heck of an amazing marketplace. The tide has shifted and the classic manual safes for guns have lost their relevance, and rightly so. It's almost criminal to see all the merits of a biometric gun safe and still go on and pick a dinosaur instead.

The above-listed safes are the best around, they are the golden standard as far as this industry is concerned. They would make a safety enthusiast gush with excitement, and they would make a pesky, mischievous kid squeal in defeat. You don't need to ask us what we think about them, the writing is on the wall, and we're sure you'd like what you see.