5 Most Secure Money Safes and Vaults in 2021

With so many brands and models of safes and vaults in the market, you are probably hard-pressed in choosing the best one. Since you are going to put valuable items, money, documents, and jewelry inside, you need a lockbox that can provide the ultimate protection.

It takes time to check out every one of the features of money safes. If you want to find the best one that would fit your preference, here are some of the most secure vaults in 2021.

Top 5 Money Safes of 2021

  1. Hollon PM-5826E TL-15 Fire Safe

    The Hollon PM-5826E TL-15 Fire Safe is more than just a regular fire safe, it is known as a fortress because of its durability. This is a vault that is capable of protecting your valuable items against fire and burglary.

    It offers additional protection from high-intensity fires. It can protect your items against fire for two hours and maintain the temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit inside the vault. Even if the external temperature reaches up to 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit, it will still protect all the items in your vault.

    This UL-listed TL-15 is also designed to resist attacks from pickaxes, crowbars, pry bars, chisels, pickaxes, drills, power saws, and other types of tools that burglars might use to access your safe. With a TL-15 rating, none of these tools can open the safe even if they spend a long time hammering it.                                     

    Other features include:

    • burglary-resistant handle
    •  a hard plate on the lock
    • glass re-locker
    1. FireKing C2717S Burglary & Fire Safe

      If you want to protect your personal belongings without spending too much, the FireKing C2717S Burglary & Fire Safe is the best choice. With its UL-Rated fire and security safe, you can make sure that your cash will always be safe in case of emergencies.

      Burglars won’t be able to access your items as well because of its thick A36 steel doors and walls. This type of steel can resist pry bar and sledgehammer attacks. Burglars will surely spend a lot of time and effort in opening your safe.

      It comes with a fully-welded dead bar that would prevent the door of your safe from being removed. Here are the other features of this safe:

      • Spring-loaded re-locker
      • Scratch-resistant
      • Electronic control lock
      1. Mesa MTLE7236 TL-15 Composite Safe

        The Mesa MTLE7236 TL-15 Composite Safe is one of the best options if you need a solid vault for important items and documents. Although it is a bit expensive, you can guarantee that your items will be protected against fire and burglary.

        The vault has a protective thickness of about 3.5 inches and it protects a fire-resistant material inside. You don’t have to worry about burglars since it is thick enough to prevent any type of tool from damaging the outside. If there is a fire, your items will be completely protected inside as they can withstand up to 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit.

        As for the locking mechanism, it comes with solid steel locking bolts. No matter how you try to force the mechanism to open with different tools, it will not open easily. This lockbox is practically impregnable because of the high-quality materials used to manufacture it.

        Other features include:

        • Drill-resistant door frame
        • Adjustable shelves
        • UL-Listed burglary protection
        1. Stealth Safes B1414 Cash Safe

          If you are only looking for an affordable vault money box, the Stealth Safes B1414 Cash Safe is your best option. Compared with the other vaults mentioned on the list, it is the most affordable. This type of vault is only meant for cash or jewelry storage. But, it is strong enough to resist burglary tools.

          With its small size, you might think that this type of safe is too fragile. But, it is actually classified as a B-rated burglary safe. It means that it is capable of preventing burglars from opening the safe. The ½-inch steel door is extremely sturdy and you cannot force it to open with different tools.

          The high-security electronic lock is tested and assembled in the United States. It is protected with a ¼-inch thick hard plate. Even with a drill, thieves will have a hard time accessing the items inside of the vault.

          Below are the other features of Stealth Safes B1414 Cash Safe:

          • Bolt detent system
          • Reinforced internal jambs
          • Spring-loaded relock
          1. Tigerking BGX-5/D1-30XH-1 Safe Box

            The Tigerking BGX-5/D1-30XH-1 Safe Box is more than just a lockbox. It is also fashionable and it may serve as a decoration for your room. You don’t need to worry if you just want to leave it in your room or office. It is durable enough to prevent thieves from accessing the valuable items inside.

            It is one of the top choices when it comes to safe boxes because of its amazing features. There is an LED panel where you can access the password and key settings. You can change your password anytime you want. You can also set a master key and a password or a master key and an emergency key.

            If you want more protection, it has an interior locking box. This is a great feature if you are sharing the box with other people in your house or office. It also has a separate locking mechanism to make sure that only you can access the items inside.

            Other features include:

            • Dual warning alarm system
            • Removable shelf
            • Built-in LED light


            All of the money safes and vaults mentioned above are the best of the best. There are expensive options, which would give you more security and advanced features. You can also choose the cheaper alternative as it provides decent protection.

            Always remember that the safety of the items inside your vault would depend solely on the quality of materials where the lockbox is made of. Don’t settle for anything less and you should only look for safes with multiple security features.

            If you want to look for the best safes that would provide the ultimate protection to your valuable items, you can check out some of the best options available for you.