Why And How To Hide Your Concealable Gun Safes At Home

Concealable gun safes are the perfect convenience for the avid gun owner. They are known for keeping firearms out of plain sight while safely securing them. Similar to a normal home safe, they will ensure that your weapons are kept away from those who are not meant to access them. As a safe owner, you will quickly realize that leaving it in plain view is not the smartest idea. Knowing exactly where to place your investment will give you the best results as you protect your home and belongings. Worried about your children knowing where your firearms are? Want to keep your gun safe hidden from intruders for optimal safety? Take a look at more information on why you should hide your safe and the best way to do so. 

Why Concealable Gun Safes Should Be Hidden

Your first instinct might be to leave your stylish new gun safe in view as a showcase of sorts. Whether you want to display its impressive features or keep it around for convenience, you should avoid this approach. Listed below are a few reasons why you should take the time to hide your gun safe:

  • Hiding your safe keeps your guns away from nosey associates and workers who may enter the home. 
  • With your safe tucked away, children will not be able to locate your firearms and accidentally harm themselves. 
  • While a safe is secure, the code can still be cracked by thieves. This leaves the opportunity for your guns to be stolen. Your firearms could also be used against you to keep you from retaliating. 
  • If an intruder sees your gun safe, they will know that you have access to weapons. This might further encourage them to use their own.   
  • With hidden gun safe furniture, you can defend yourself from possible attackers with the element of surprise. With your safe away from view but easily accessible, you will maintain the advantage during an emergency. 

How To Hide Concealable Gun Safes 

As you decide on how to secure your new device, you might be asking yourself ‘where is the best place to hide a gun safe?’ From your bedroom closet to a discreet book shelf, the creative possibilities for keeping your safe out of plain sight are endless. This information details a few of the best areas to hide your gun safe and how to do so:

With a Mirror Safe

A mirror gun safe is an awesome option for a discrete approach to hiding your firearms. The beauty of this selection is that it can fit in almost any area of your home without drawing attention. You can place it in your bathroom, bedroom, or even the hallway.  

For example, the1450 Hinged Mirror Bundle comes complete with two compartments behind a full-length mirror to store your guns. Equipped with magnetic firearm retention, you can organize and access your equipment with ease. You can even add accessories like coat hooks, LED lights, or accessory shelves for even better storage. 

The Closet

Your home closets are the best for hiding your safe, the bedroom closet especially. It is one of the most effective areas, providing you with easy access if needed. The closets in your home should be large enough to hold a safe of an average size. The closet door also helps keep your new security feature out of view.  Keep in mind you want to consider quick access for yourself while keeping an intruder away. Consider the following methods for hiding your safe in the closet: 

  • Cover the safe with a blanket or clothing.
  • Put a shelving unit around your safe. 
  • Tuck it directly behind the door of the closet. 
  •  Secure the safe to one of the walls in your closet. 
  •  Use a biometric keypad for quick entry. Also, you could have interior lighting placed in the safe in case you need to use it in the dark. 

How to Fit the Safe in Your Closet

Here are a few ideas for fitting your safe in your closet:

  1. Use the floor and the wall to secure your safe. This way, it cannot be carried out of your closet if someone finds it. With an anchor point and pre-drilled holes included with most safes, you can bolt it onto the floor or fasten it on the wall. 
  2. If you have a walk-in closet, the previous options work as well. You can also consider making a hole in the wall for your safe. For extra security, try having a professional pour concrete walls and add a door. 
  3. You can even make a faux closet if your regular closet is not a fitting option. While it will appear to store your wardrobe, it will have your gun safe safely tucked away. 

Decoy Refrigerator

Spotting an extra refrigerator in the basement or garage of a home is a common occurrence. Use this to your advantage with a broken fridge. Simply remove the back of the old fridge and put the safe in the hole for safekeeping. No one will ever suspect that your belongings are hidden inside. 

The Staircase

If your home has stairs, this is the perfect space for your gun safe. The chances of intruders spotting hidden gun safes that are secured this way are slim to none. View a few tips on how to use your staircase this way:

  • Underneath your stairway, there is a hollow space. Use it for storing your safe. 
  • Be sure that you have an opening already available. This will have an effect on the cost of turning it into a hiding space. It will also determine how much time the project will take. 
  • Make certain that the door’s locking mechanism is secure and hard to open.  


If you plan on being away from home for a while, try placing the gun safe behind a large bookshelf. This option excels in discretion. The large piece of furniture will be hard to move, making it difficult for someone to retrieve your hidden belongings.   

The Pantry  

If your pantry is large enough, you can even place your gun safe there. Most intruders are focused on securing high value items, such as jewelry, money, or electronic goods. Because the pantry is normally used for storing food, people will not even think of searching there for a gun cabinet. Keep in mind that if you have children or live with others, this might not be the best option for you.    

The Bottom Line

Concealable gun safes that are hidden are far away from children and give homeowners the upper hand against intruders. For an elegant twist to hiding your firearms, try a mirror gun safe for safekeeping anywhere in the home.  Also, most closets in the home provide plenty of options for storing concealable gun safes with discretion. For more information on hidden gun safe furniture like the 1450 Hinged Mirror Bundle, have a chat with the security and storage experts at Armadillo Safes.