Sneaky Ways To Keep Your Ammo Safe With Gun Concealment Wall Art

If you have a gun or ammo at your home, it’s important to keep it secure. There are plenty of reasons why having a safe or concealed hiding place is necessary for gun safety. Luckily, there are plenty of different options when it comes to hiding your guns - such as gun concealment wall art. 

We’ll discuss some important factors such as the benefits of a wall safe, how to hide it from intruders, and why it’s important to keep your ammo and guns secure. If you want some stellar tricks and tips to ensure gun protection, read on! 

Concealing Your Weapons and Ammo 

We are huge supporters of a safe household. If you’re going to have guns in the house, taking the necessary steps to keep them secure is necessary. Learn unique ways to do that with this article.

Why You Should Hide A Safe 

There are several reasons why you should hide your gun safe. Some of the most important reasons are below: 

Hide from Burglars 

Guns and ammo are expensive items that can easily be sold on the black market. Because of this, they are often a target for intruders. Not only this, but if a burglar gets your gun, it can pose a more significant health threat to you and your family. 

Taking the necessary precautions from these situations is essential. It will ensure the safety of you and your family. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about losing valuable items that are expensive. 

Problems of Stolen Guns

Because responsible gun owners have licenses, everything can be traced back to you. In the event that your gun was stolen, you’ll have to take many steps to report it. Reporting it is often time-consuming and frustrating. However, larger problems can arise. 

If your gun was ever connected to unethical use, it can be traced back to you. This can often result in guilt or a long process. By keeping your guns in the right hands, you can avoid an unsightly disaster. 

Children's Safety

Gun safes aren’t just to allude intruders. In fact, they are to protect the family in your house. Children can often be fascinated by guns. While this is okay under supervision, it can be dangerous without it. Unfortunately, this has led to many mishaps over time. 

By hiding your guns from your children, you’re less likely for the gun to end up in their hands. After all, guns are serious weapons and not toys. While having a gun is a good idea for protection, it’s your responsibility to keep your family safe. 

Benefits of a Wall Safe

There are so many benefits of a wall safe. Many people will put their guns in a closet or floor, but there are better ways to hide them. Some benefits of a safe include

  • Accessibility. Floor safes are inconvenient. You’ll have to bend over to access it or move things out of the way. A wall safe is easy to get to if you store documents or other belongings. 
  • Saves space. Where floor safes and other options can take up significant room, wall safes save space. You can easily install them into the wall or cover them up with nice paintings. 
  • Easier to install. Wall safes are less heavy than floor models. This makes for an easier and more convenient installation. 
  • Easy to hide. There are several ways to hide a wall safe. For example, you can use gun concealment wall art. We’ll discuss some of our favorite ways to hide your guns and ammo below. 

  • How To Hide A Wall Safe

    You can get extra creative with your safe! There are many different ways to sneakily hide your guns and ammo with our creative techniques. Most importantly, you can make it impossible to spot by intruders. If you’re strategic, it can look like part of your decor.

    Stash Behind Furniture

    If you’re looking to install a wall safe, you can hide it behind heavy furniture. Some pieces that are often used are couches or dressers. This will make it virtually impossible for burglars to spot. However, there are some downsides to this option. If you store behind heavy items, it’ll be less accessible to you. 

    Consider why you need access to your gun safe. If you need it in cases of emergency, then having it be more accessible is necessary. However, if your guns are used for shooting ranges, then this is a good option. 

    Hide Behind Fake Outlets

    You can find cost-effective kits that appear to be a normal electrical outlet. From here, your wall safe is hidden behind it. Very few burglars will suspect this. You may often use vents or other household necessities. This can make it more accessible than stashing it behind furniture. 

    The more creative you’re willing to get, the more concealed your guns and ammo will be. 

    In Another Bedroom

    When intruders break in, they are most likely to immediately target the master bedroom. This is where the majority of people store their valuables. Guest bedrooms rarely have expensive items or safes. Because of this, you can conceal your guns in the secondary bedroom. 

    We do recommend that you do not do this if it’s a child’s bedroom. Keep all dangerous items away from children. A guest bedroom that rarely has guests is a good option. 

    Behind Wall Art

    There is some beautiful wall art that perfectly conceals guns. Furthermore, it adds visual interest to your home. It is highly unlikely that wall art would be targeted, as it is time consuming. This option will make your ammo very accessible for you. Get creative and shop options that match your decor. 


    Getting creative and hiding your gun and ammo safe is imperative for your safety. This keeps your items out of the hands of intruders and children. Make sure to keep your safe accessible for you in the event of an emergency. By following our tips, you can find some incredible gun concealment wall art that makes a statement, such as a unique hidden safe.