Vaultek RS800i: Technology for the new frontier

The RS800i is the ultimate in smart, modular firearm storage. Vaultek’s commitment to equipping its safes with industry-leading technology is on full display in this innovative rifle safe, with a full roster of features every techy (and non-techy, for that matter!) will love.

Join us as we dig into some of these features in more detail below. 

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Interactive control panel

Stay in the know with the RS800i’s interactive control panel. Housing a built-in LCD screen as well as the biometric scanner and backlit digital keypad (more on those later), the interactive control panel provides quick visual feedback on your safe’s status, including: 

  • Battery level
  • Wi-fi on/off
  • Smart nano key status
  • Impact detection (DMT) setting
  • Sound on/off
  • Interior LED lights on/off
VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Biometric fingerprint scanner

One of the unique features of the RS800i is the oversized biometric fingerprint scanner. The oversized scanner makes it easier to capture your fingerprint, and the smart align biometric system helps guide your finger placement for more consistent and accurate results. There is a 5-scan programming process for each finger, thus ensuring an accurate record of your fingerprint.

Additionally, Vaultek’s proprietary technology enables the scanner to read and match fingerprints with unmatched speed and accuracy, ensuring a high scan success rate and correspondingly quick and reliable access to your safe.

With the ability to store up to 20 different fingerprints, the RS800i’s oversized biometric scanner provides you with a fast and reliable way to open your safe and access your firearms. 

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Backlit digital keypad

The control panel is also where you will find your auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor.

The digital keypad provides a responsive experience with quick secure access via a 4-8 digit PIN – that gives you the option of over 75,000 possible PIN combinations! The proximity sensor detects your hand to illuminate keys for visibility in dim lighting. 

The digital keypad is also used for much more than just inputting your PIN – it serves as your “Hot Keys” for managing your safe locally. Should you lose access to wi-fi and be unable to manage your safe remotely, you will want to make sure you are well-acquainted with your keypad and all its functionality.

Remote safe management

If you are someone who prefers to manage your devices from your smartphone, the RS800i will be right up your alley. The RS800i is wi-fi enabled, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of viewing live safe data, receiving instant alerts, and managing/monitoring your safe via your smartphone or PC. Get the most out of your RS800i with the ability to:

  • Receive instant alerts for tampering, impact detection, and more
  • Unlock your safe
  • Check battery levels
  • Toggle sound on/off
  • Adjust interior light
  • View interior temperature
  • View interior humidity
  • Manage fingerprint IDs
  • View history log
  • Manage nano key settings
  • And more!  
VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Nano Key 2.0

For the fastest possible entry point, the RS800i comes with a Nano Key 2.0. Hide it discreetly in your home or carry it on your person to use as a panic button if needed. For a higher level security, consider the Nano Key 2.0 Biometric, which uses the same technology as the RS800i’s biometric scanner and requires a fingerprint for access to the safe.

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

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As you can see, the RS800i is equipped with some impressive technology designed to ensure a positive user experience. If you are in the market for a smart rifle safe, we think the Vaultek RS800i is a fantastic choice! 

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