Vaultek RS800i Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know about the ultimate rifle safe – now even bigger and better than before.

Vaultek has added the RS800i and RS800i Plus to its RS series of gun safes, taking its “Smart Modular Storage” concept to a whole new level with increased capacity and even more configuration options. 

The reviews are in, and customers are loving this product. Here’s what they are saying:

  • “Great safe for quick grabs.”
  • “Not your grandpa’s gun safe.”
  • “John Wick would be jealous.”

Intrigued yet? Well, you should be. The RS800i packs an even bigger punch than its predecessors while maintaining the same level of security, technology and performance you’ve come to expect from Vaultek safes.

Read on for everything you need to know about the  Vaultek RS800i – the ultimate rifle safe.

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Table of Contents

  1. What’s new with the RS800i?
  2. Features and specs
  3. Completely customizable interior
  4. World-class security
  5. Convenience and function
  6. RS800i vs. RS800i Plus
  7. Warranty and registration
  8. FAQs
  9. Our recommendation

What’s new with the RS800i?

If you are familiar with Vaultek’s RS series of safes, your first question is probably how the RS800i is different from the RS500i. 

The three main upgrades are:

  • Increased depth
  • Ability to store pistols in a forward, upright position
  • Enhanced interior LED lighting

What does this mean for the user? Increased functionality and storage and an improved user experience.

Increased functionality and storage

With the RS800i, Vaultek has extended the depth of the safe by around 3 inches, allowing for increased storage capacity and an even more customizable interior. 

You may not believe it, but having that extra 3” of depth in the interior of the safe makes a huge difference!

You can now comfortably store up to 8 long guns (as opposed to 5 with the RS500i) along with multiple pistols and magazines, depending on the configuration you choose.

That extra depth also enables you to store your rifles not just with sights and optics, but also with the magazine attached. This goes for both your rifles in the main safe compartment and on the included door pegboard. 

You will love all the new maxed-out configurations you can put together with the RS800i.

Improved user experience

Along with the extended depth, the RS800i boasts the ability to store pistols in a forward upright position for quick and easy access, a new feature that was not available on the RS500i. This sets you up for the fastest retrieval possible, giving you peace of mind that your firearms are quickly available, should you need them to protect yourself and your family.

Finally, the RS800i comes with enhanced LED lighting for better viewing of the safe’s interior. As soon as you open the safe, the interior illuminates so you can easily access your stored firearms and other safe contents. The extra visibility also makes organizing your safe an easier task!

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Features and specs

As you’ve likely come to expect from Vaultek, the RS800i is absolutely packed with features. Here are the highlights: 


  • Oversized biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor
  • Nano key
  • 2 manual keys
  • Built-in LCD screen
  • Fully customizable interior
  • Enhanced interior LED lighting
  • Auto-open door
  • Wi-fi-enabled for remote safe management available via smartphone app and online dashboard for PCs
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging cable and adapter
  • Enhanced anti-theft protection
  • Solid 14-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Accessories:
    • (1) twin pistol rack
    • (1) 2/3 width shelf
    • (1) slim holster for pistol or AR mag
    • (4) barrel mounts and adapters (1 with velcro strap)


  • Exterior dimensions: 14"W x 16"D x 54"H
  • Interior dimensions: 13.75"W x 12.6"D x 53.25"H
  • Interior cubic feet: 5.34
  • Weight: 124 lbs

Now, let’s get more into more detail about how these features come together to combine world-class security, high-end technology and performance for an amazing user experience.

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Completely customizable interior for your needs 

The feature of Vaultek’s RS series of safes that really sets it apart from the competition is the fully customizable interior. Now, with enhanced capacity thanks to the increased depth that comes with the RS800i vs. the RS500i, the potential to customize your safe is taken to a whole new level.

Let’s chat about the customizability of the RS800i, because it is truly built with complete customization in mind. Featuring a perforated mounting board along the back wall and on the door, you can fully customize your safe and reposition your accessories with ease. There are infinite combinations you can put together to organize your firearms while maintaining quick access.

The RS800i starter kit includes the following accessories:

  • Pre-installed front door mounting board
  • (1) twin pistol rack
  • (1) 2/3 width shelf
  • (4) rifle barrel mounts with adapters
  • (1) slim holster for a pistol or AR mag

Should you require more accessories for your RS800i, we have a ton of options available. Alternatively, you could check out the  RS800i Plus, which comes with an enhanced accessory package. 

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

World-class security

Vaultek’s mission is for their safes to make people’s lives better by allowing them to store their firearms safely and securely, while still being able to access them quickly when needed. Vaultek is especially in tune with gun safety when it comes to children, so all their products are built with that in mind.

Combined with their commitment to innovation, Vaultek offers some of the best security features on the market today.

Premium entry methods

The RS800i has a variety of entry methods available for enhanced security and to cater to how you prefer to access your safe, including:

  • Oversized biometric fingerprint scanner: Get quick, secure access to your safe using the LED backlit high resolution fingerprint scanner. Stores up to 20 unique fingerprints.
  • Auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor: A responsive experience with quick secure access via a 4-8 digit PIN. The proximity sensor detects your hand to illuminate keys for visibility in dim lighting. Over 75,000 possible PIN combinations!
  • Nano Key 2.0: The fastest possible entry point. Hide your Nano Key discreetly or keep it on your person to access your RS800i on demand. Also available in Nano Key 2.0 Biometric (sold separately).
  • 2 Backup manual keys: Backup key access is located behind a removable cover. 
  • Vaultek Wi-fi app and online dashboard: Hook your safe up to wi-fi for quick access via your smartphone and PC. 

Dual entry mode

For an added layer of security on your RS800i, you can set up Dual Entry Mode, which requires you to input both your PIN and fingerprint to open the safe.

Tamper indicator

If an unauthorized person is attempting to access your safe, you want to know about it ASAP, whether it is a child or an intruder. Your RS800i can detect tampering and activate a security sleep mode if multiple wrong codes are entered or unrecognized fingerprints scanned. 

For the utmost in security, you can receive real-time tamper notifications via your Vaultek Wi-fi app. Additionally, you can check the tamper status on both the online dashboard and your safe’s LCD display.

Auto-open door

Another key security feature of the RS800i is the auto-open door. When access is granted, the tune-spring door automatically opens quickly and quietly, enabling you to safely access your firearms without alerting intruders. 

Anti-theft protection

Along with all the premium security features included on the RS800i comes Vaultek’s enhanced anti-theft technology, including:

  • Solid 14-gauge carbon steel construction
  • 4 solid steel locking bolts
  • Anti-pry bars
  • Anti-impact latches
  • Ruggedized interior hinges
  • Impact detection (DMT) with alarm and customizable sensitivity settings
  • Mounting screws and pre-drilled holes for wall or floor mounting

These premium security and anti-theft features help to ensure that your security is in your hands with the Vaultek RS800i.

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Convenience and function 

Many of the RS800i’s features mentioned above serve double-duty as both innovative security features and convenience features. That’s because Vaultek is all about marrying security and convenience together to give the best possible user experience. 

Multiple access methods

Whether you prefer access via biometric scanner, smartphone or digital PIN, the RS800i comes with a variety of options for you to access your safe. 

Small footprint

Even with its increased depth over the RS500i, the RS800i maintains a small footprint compared to other rifle safes on the market, fitting easily into homes of all sizes.

Remote safe management

If you are someone who prefers to manage your devices from your smartphone, the RS800i will be right up your alley. Simply connect your RS800i to your wi-fi and enjoy the convenience of remote safe management via your smartphone and/or PC. Get the most out of your RS800i with the ability to:

  • Receive instant alerts for tampering, impact detection, and more
  • Unlock your safe
  • Check battery levels
  • Toggle sound on/off
  • Adjust interior light
  • View interior temperature
  • View interior humidity
  • Manage fingerprint IDs
  • View history log
  • Manage nano key settings
  • And more!  

Interactive control panel

The RS800i features an interactive control panel with a built-in LCD screen to provide quick visual feedback on the status of your safe, including:

  • Battery level
  • Wi-fi on/off
  • Smart nano key status
  • Impact detection (DMT) setting
  • Sound on/off
  • Interior LED lights on/off

The control panel is also where you will find your backlit keypad and biometric scanner. For easy operation, the control panel is equipped with a proximity sensor that illuminates the keys for easier viewing in low light.

The user-friendly hot keys allow you to manage your safe locally, in the case of losing your wi-fi connection or just personal preference.  

LED interior lights

Useful for both security purposes and for greater visibility of your safe’s interior, you will enjoy having these lights to brighten things up! Adjust brightness and toggle on/off with your hot keys, smartphone app or online dashboard.

Padded interior

To keep all your firearms in pristine condition, the RS800i includes base padding. This also lessens any clanking noises that may occur when you are moving things around in the safe, which is definitely a welcome feature!

Rechargeable battery

The RS800i comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion backup battery that provides standby power for up to 4 months without being plugged in. Use the included micro-USB charging kit to fully charge your battery in just 3.5 hours. 

With its built-in technology and function, the RS800i adds tremendous value to your home security setup by making ease of use a top priority.   

RS800i vs. RS800i Plus

Looking to level up your RS800i with more accessories? You may want to consider the RS800i Plus. It contains all the same major features and technology as the RS800i, but comes with even more accessories to help you further customize your safe. Here’s a quick comparison of both models:

RS800i (Standard edition)

RS800i Plus

Pre-installed front door mounting board

All Standard Edition accessories, plus:

2/3 width accessory shelf

Full width accessory shelf

(4) barrel mounts + adapters

Twin pistol rack

Single pistol/AR mag holster

8-slot pistol mag rack

(1) velcro barrel mount + adapter

Spring loaded AR mount

Twin pistol rack

(3) extra barrel mounts (1 with velcro strap)

(3) extra barrel mount adapters

Single pistol/AR mag holster

4-slot AR mag rack

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)


If you need to add on more accessories but the RS800i Plus isn’t quite the right fit for your needs, you can choose the exact accessories you’d like for a completely customized experience. Check out all the available options in the image below!

VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Warranty and registration

You will enjoy peace of mind with Vaultek’s famous satisfaction guarantee and 2-year warranty.

Plus, when you register your Vaultek RS800i, you automatically receive a bonus year of warranty coverage, additional support, product updates, replacement parts, and more!


Still have questions? Check out some of these Vaultek RS800i FAQs: 

  1. What wi-fi frequency does the safe use? The safe can only connect to 2.4 gHz networks. Access points are not recommended.
  2. Does the safe require power? We recommend keeping your safe plugged in for the best performance. However, if a power source is not easily accessible, the safe can still operate for several months using the included rechargeable battery in Low Power Mode.
  3. What type of battery does the safe use? The safe uses a 3.6V 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a flat top. A minimum 2000 mAh capacity is required, however 2200 mAh or higher can be used to increase operation time.
  4. Can I control the temperature and humidity inside the safe? No, this safe does not feature temperature and humidity control. But it does display the temperature and humidity on the LCD touchscreen, smartphone app, and online dashboard.
  5. What is the ideal temperature and humidity for my guns? Generally, a temperature of 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15-21 degrees Celsius) and a humidity 40-50% is ideal for gun storage. Extreme fluctuations should be avoided. Check directly with your manufacturer for more specific information and requirements for your firearms.
  6. How close should the Nano Key be to the safe? It is recommended for the Nano Key to be within 6 feet of the safe for proper operation. For Nano Key Biometric, the recommended range is 20 feet.
  7. Do I get live notifications from the app? Yes, the safe is wi-fi enabled so you can receive real-time status alerts to the smartphone app.
  8. Is it easy to change the configuration of my safe? Yes, it is very easy to change your configuration using the perforated mounting board. 
  9. How many LED lights are in the safe? There are 11 LED lights in the safe.
VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)

Our recommendation

In our opinion, the RS800i checks off all the boxes for a modern home safe. The extra depth of the RS800i has made it even more customizable than its previous RS series counterparts, offering nearly infinite storage combinations you can tailor specifically to your needs.

Combine this in such a small footprint with the world class security features and high-end technology Vaultek is known for, and we believe you’ve got a winner! 

Are you ready to make John Wick jealous? Head over to the  Vaultek RS800i product page for more details and to check pricing!



VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe (Biometric)