Top 8 Small Home Safes in 2021

A common dilemma you might be facing as a homeowner is finding a secure location for your small prized possessions. Keeping them with large-sized model valuables you don't use often might be an issue. Now, the question that comes to mind is, how do you save these precious items? The best solution is to acquire small home safes.

However, the jewelry vault market is saturated with many products. This guide offers you a list of the best portable residential safes. All you need to do is stay glued on this piece to find out!

Top-tier Small Home Safes You Can Consider

Highlighted below are standard models to consider when acquiring this safe type: 

1. Hollon Safe FB-540 E

Hollon Safe is one of the most reliable products you can trust. This model is compact and portable with its 17-5/7 x 20 x 20-1/2 inches dimension. It also weighs about 242 pounds. 

It offers reliable protection against theft and fire. This steel safe has 2 hours of fireproof rating. So, you can trust it to shield your valuables from regular home inferno securely. 

Also, this safe type uses an electronic lock which makes it reliable protection against burglars. It is convenient and easy to access without any security compromise. Another exciting thing is that you don’t have to break the bank before acquiring this selection. It is inexpensive and cost-effective. 

2. SentrySafe HD4100 

SentrySafe HD4100 is another suitable option if you seek a portable but dependable choice. This product will protect your materials from various vices, including burglary, moisture, and fire. 

This model can withstand about 1550 degrees of heat for up to thirty minutes. It will also sustain the protection of your valuables when immersed in water for over 72 hours. This safe type only weighs 39 pounds, which makes it easy for you to move it.

It uses a keyed lock and arrives with double keys. Its internal space can take possessions like passports, jewelry, cash, and other similar valuables. 

3. First Alert Safe 

Do you need a luxury jewelry safe with a combination lock? You have your perfect option here. This product uses a sequence guard and dual emergency backup keys. It has guided hinges and anti-tampering designs that increase its security level. 

First Alert Safe protects against regular home fires. It can withstand up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour. It also shields against water, moisture, and other liquids. 

Another bonus feature with this model is the internal cabinet. This case makes it easy for you to arrange your valuables. You can utilize a distinct space for individual possession categories. 

4. Stalwart Digital Safe 

Stalwart Digital Safe uses one of the most recent technologies to keep your valuables protected. Besides, it is portable and lightweight. You can place this safe almost anywhere, including floors and walls.

This model uses a digital locking system. It uses a passcode, but it also has two backup keys. These locks will help you gain admittance to your storage box if you forget your entry digits.

The LED-lit keypad of this option allows you to have access to your safe in the dark. In case of unauthorized ingress, the mini vault will make an alarm sound after three failed attempts.

5. BARSKA Mini Safe 

BARSKA Mini Safe is another trendy small safe in 2021. The dimension of this storage box is compact, which makes it fit into limited spaces. It also allows quick and convenient access without compromising security strength. The steel construction material makes it sturdy and enhances its durability.

This model uses a battery as its power source for its digital lock. It also arrives with double holdup keys in case the electronic entry fails. The automatic guarding system uses a biometric scan that provides admittance in less than two seconds. 

6. AmazonBasics Fire Resistance Safe

AmazonBasics Fire Resistance Safe is one of the most flexible options. It is available in three unique sizes. So, you can easily pick the one that best suits your space. 

This safe type offers protection against theft and fire. This option can withstand 1200 degrees Fahrenheit of heat for twenty minutes. It also uses electronic keypads and emergency backup keys. Its digital clock is battery-operated. 

This model has internal compartments that help you to arrange your valuables. 

7. AdirOffice Security Safe 

This mini safe make is one of the best options for keeping valuables. This gun and jewelry safe is easy to use and gives a reliable security system. It uses a keypad lock that allows you to input passcodes. It uses double backup keys if you forget the entry digits.

AdirOffice Security Safe has a built-in digital system that gives details about the safe. It helps you to know if the security box has a low battery, locked, or unlocked.

8. Honeywell Security Safe 

Honeywell Security Safe is small enough to fit into any corner of your closet. It uses a keypad locking system that ensures high security. It allows you to create a PIN for safe access, but you can also use the key for emergency access. This model has carpet interiors that help to shield your valuables from possible scratches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Safe 

There are several types of mini safes. The factors below can help you to decide the best model for you:

  •       Size 
  •       Locking system 
  •       Waterproof and Fireproof mechanism
  •       Weight 
  •       Construction materials 
  •       Cost and budget 
  •       What you intend to keep in the safe 

What Is the Best Small Home Safe? 

The market is flooded with several high-quality products. So, it would be wrong to pronounce one as superior over others. But the best small home safe should have certain features. These points are:

  • It should use a reliable locking system.
  • It also uses quality construction materials that protect against theft, rust, water, and fire. 
  • A suitable storage box safe should be compact and portable.
  • Easy access, convenient use, and backup access are also other features of the most fitting home safe. 


Compact mini storage boxes offer a worthy investment for keeping your valuables. Using this safe model gives you easy and secure access to your prized possession. And you won't have to worry about mixing them with more oversized items. Following the highlighted options in this guide, you can't go wrong when securing reliable small home safes. All you need to do is find and select the best option for you.